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Eanes ISD

Valley View ES EANESpiration Winners, 2020

VVE Eanespiration Winners

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Laura Dillard & Ms. Christa Riddington, Special Education Staff
We can’t thank Ms. Riddington and Ms. Dillard enough for the skills, knowledge, and compassion they bring to our team and school. Their calm and patient demeanor has a positive effect that is contagious and benefits the entire grade level. The educational impact has been amazing in our classrooms. Students are excelling in Social Emotional Learning, which in turn has positively affected the teaching and learning going on in our classrooms. We notice their investment of time and commitment. We are so thankful for both of these amazing educators.

Ms. Jessica Haney, 3rd-Grade Teacher
Ms. Haney is new to Valley View, and she has already made a big impact in 3rd grade. She has displayed leadership and commitment to each and every one of her students. Not only has she created a warm environment in her classroom but also in her relationships with her students. Since the beginning of the school year she already knows her students wants and needs like they were her own children. Her students have been particularly engaged and motivated for their makers space time that they have earned these past few weeks. She has also had a wonderful impact on other teacher peers, being open to all the professionals that may come into her class and help out.

Ms. Danette Woods, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Ms. Woods is passionate about teaching math to her students. She cares about each and every student and wants them all to be successful in and out of her classroom. She reaches out to any student that needs someone to listen or someone to make them feel better. Ms. Woods has an amazing way of radiating positive energy to anyone that is around her and instantly helps them have a better attitude. She loves teaching and helping students achieve their academic goals. It shows in her classroom, her positive attitude, and how well she relates to her students!

Life Skills Team: Ms. Mila Alltone, Ms. Cristina Anguiano, Ms. Da Delano, Ms. Molly Lococo, Ms. Emily Minner, Ms. Victoria Owens
It is difficult to put into words the job that this team does. Anyone who walks a minute in their shoes knows that the work they do is life-changing! This group of individuals has grown to work collaboratively in such a unique and impactful way. They are quick on their feet, eager to serve others, generous in their praise, patient with one another, safe and encouraging with all children and talented in so many unique and beautiful ways. We are in awe of the work this team does and grateful for the attitude and determination they display every single day!



Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Nancy Abell, GT Teacher
Ms. Abell gives of her time and expertise so willingly to the Valley View community. She serves on various school and district committees to allow her to collaborate across the district and gain insight on other's experiences. She shares her knowledge of student-centered practices with the staff at VVE often, and is quick to share a warm smile with anyone who walks in the door. This year, Ms. Abell hosted the GT parent meeting for the district at Valley View which included over 100 families in attendance after school hours. She also organizes at least 1-2 staff get-togethers over the summer to keep staff connected. Ms. Abell shows her selfless nature in all that she does whether it be in the classroom, giving of her time outside of school, or in the kind conversations she starts up with staff.

Ms. Kathy Farshler, Parent Volunteer
It is truly an honor to work with Ms. Farshler on Career Day because of her organization, leadership, commitment, and shared vision - the vision that our students are our future workforce and we need to inspire them through presenters from diverse backgrounds and professions, and careers that are unique to Austin/Texas. This year we found it important to tie in the district-wide SEL initiative of community building and kindness. We asked our presenters to add a "community component," to their presentations and share the different ways their profession impacts or gives back to our community. We could not have done this without Ms. Farshler’s dedication to networking and outreach in bringing together such an impressive group of professionals to inspire our students! Thank you, Ms. Farshler.

Mr. Houston Ford, Special Education TA
Mr. Ford is an outstanding employee who does outstanding things every day. He displays compassion, empathy, and a strong work ethic with students every single day. Mr. Ford immediately started making an educational impact with our students as soon as he came to VVE. He holds kids to a high standard, he helps any and all kids that need help, and he is a professional beyond comparison. Mr. Ford is a hero in our eyes and in the eyes of the children he serves.

Ms. Stephani Reed & Ms. Janelle Staff, Behavior Support Specialists
These ladies are amazing heroes to VVE. Ms. Staff and Ms. Reed jumped right in at the start of the year, serving tirelessly to meet the needs of individual students. They move at lightning speed, are able to leap tables in a single bound, have unparalleled patience, offer insight and expertise to challenging situations and provide comic relief when needed. We simply could NOT do our jobs without their unwavering support. Thank you Ms. Staff and Ms. Reed for being our heroes!

Mr. Mike Martin, Parent Volunteer
Mr. Martin has volunteered his time and talents (and power tools) to help with projects around the school and district. Last spring, he advised all the elementary art teachers on how to properly display their collaborative art installations so they would withstand several months of outdoor exposure. Recently, he helped build wooden stands to help secure the sets for our Wizard of Oz performance. He also delivered mulch to the track for our Fun Run. This is a person who has quietly and discreetly stepped up to help on many levels and we are so thankful. His work has positively impacted every student at VVE!

Ms. Holly Soape, Child Nutrition Manager
Ms. Soape is a true hero to our VVE family. She has shown compassion to the students she serves, teachers she teaches with, and the team she leads. She has used her talents to provide for International Day and recently during a power outage worked tirelessly to ensure the nutrition needs of students were met. She is creative, resourceful and a cheerleader for all. We thank her for everything she does for our students and staff.



Those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc.

VVE Specials Team: Ms. Julie Cimino, Ms. Kathy Hatch, Mr. Ryan Sanderson
Our specials team has come together in such a unique and incredible way! At the start of the year they implemented a new idea by providing campus-wide, K-2 cultural experiences on early release days. Working together to incorporate art, music and physical fitness into the lives of children has been beneficial to the entire school. This team leads the way to provide movement and fine arts opportunities to students by offering PE to kindergarten and first grade students on a daily basis. Recently, they came together in supporting the fifth-grade musical. Including every single student, they created props, cast roles, practiced songs, mastered movements, led lighting, music and behind-the-scenes roles that dazzled and entertained the entire school. From 80's dances, Fun Run, Veteran's Day, Cardinal Fest, Laugh & Learns, public art galleries and displays, and so much more, they serve with energy, zest, and tons of laughter! We are grateful for the influence and impact this team has on our entire school.