Eanes ISD

Valley View ES EANESpiration Winners, 2018

Eanespiration Winners 2018

Left to Right. Top Row: Jennifer White, Jacci Grossman, Brooke Anderson, Jennifer Wolff, Ann Manikham, Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard. Bottom Row: Quen White-Ramos, Lauren Cobb, Nicki Kennington, Erin Finch, Dr. Genevieve Shepherd Ali, Principal Jennifer Dusek

Educational Impact Awards

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.


Ms. Ann Manikham
For the past two years, Ms. Manikham has been an essential part of the success of our team at Valley View Elementary. She one of the first to arrive and greet our students daily. Ms. Manikham has a can-do attitude and there is not an area in the school where she doesn't shine. She has been particularly integral in developing and supporting systems with the lead teachers in our kindergarten classroom. Ms. Manikham is exceptionally skilled at identifying areas for improvement and taking the initiative to develop solutions. She is universally loved by our students, parents, and staff. Ms. Manikham exemplifies what it means to be a Valley View Cardinal and we applaud her service to our community.

Ms. Erin Finch
Ms. Finch has been a wonderful addition to our VVE family! She knows where the children are heading academically and emotionally, and she has been such a valuable asset to the kindergarten team. By the second quarter, she explained to us and got us started on our Word Family study (a thought out, well-defined, routined curriculum) and both teachers and students love it! She has brought such a delightful air and compassionate presence to the kindergarten hall, and you can see it in the face of each child she teaches. Her patience and dedication to the world of education is something to be admired.

Ms. Nicki Kennington
Ms. Kennington is an amazing LSSP and Valley View is so fortunate to have her! She is such a compassionate person who approaches other's problems as her own, and is a great listener. Ms. Kennington goes above and beyond patiently dedicating her time to help our students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. She collaborates with Valley View staff and parents to create a safe, healthy, and supportive learning environment. Her expertise has strengthened connections between home and school. Ms. Kennington is fabulous and shares her knowledge and wisdom generously with staff in planning for our students' needs.

Ms. Jennifer Wolff
At midyear, Ms. Wolff stepped into the role of Instructional Partner at VVE and has made such an impact on the teaching and learning of staff and students alike. Offering supports to teachers, helping struggling students, meeting with families, and supporting district-wide initiatives are part of her daily tasks. In addition to the countless hours she spends on campus (she is often one of the first to arrive, and stays late many days), she also continues to mentor a teacher on another campus, and even helped organize and run VVE's STEAM Day. She is always eager to implement new ideas and systems in order for our students to be successful. Whether she is placing encouraging notes (and sweets) in teachers' boxes, helping students with writing, or assisting in district professional development, Ms. Wolff does it all with a calm spirit and encouraging heart!


Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Brooke Anderson & Jacci Grossman
Ms. Anderson's and Ms. Grossman's dedication, commitment, and compassion to the students, parents, and staff at VVE is incredible. They are an amazing super duo! They organized career day for our fourth and fifth grade students, established a book club for parents, led classroom guidance lessons, conducted small group sessions, and provided numerous individual counseling sessions. In the fall semester alone, they provided 100 classroom lessons and 66 small group sessions. They have organized Student Support Team meetings, and helped brainstorm positive solutions for students in need. They have also put together care packages for staff around the holidays to encourage self-care. Their care and concern for others is evident in all that they do, and we are incredibly thankful they joined our team this year.

Ms. Lauren Cobb
Ms. Cobb jumped in without hesitation when VVE needed her and did an amazing job with a challenging situation. She was quick to learn, dedicated to making sure she was being effective and purposeful with providing support. She remains calm and cool under stressful situations and is always child-focused. Her incredible patience and dedication to student success paid off and we are seeing incredible strides in students she supports. Ms. Cobb was so respected that she then came on permanently with VVE and continues to show her genuine child-first attitude and incredible work ethic through and through. She is always smiling, always positive, and always remaining focused and calm, even when being challenged to the max. Ms. Cobb is a wonderful asset and we are so lucky to have her at VVE.

Ms. Jennifer White
Coach White is an exceptional addition to Valley View. She is often the first face children see when they arrive in the early hours and she greets every single one of them with a "whoop whoop", a kind smile, and often a fist bump! Her demeanor is consistent, she leads by example and she inspires every student to be the best version of themselves. With her calm presence, she reinforces behavior, teaches life lessons, and will jump in and do anything asked of her. She is a true leader, yet is willing to play the supporting role and we marvel at her ability to not only inspire the students but the adults around her as well.

Ms. Quen White-Ramos
Since day one Ms. White-Ramos has always shown up to work fresh-faced and ready to help out! In her role as a long-term sub, she loved staying busy and when she wasn't in a classroom she was working with kids, helping in the lunchroom and out at recess. When not performing these supertasks, she helped out in the office or helped counselors tremendously by cutting and helping assemble crafts for classroom guidance. The students love her and her presence on campus is such a fixture, they notice if she has gotten a haircut or ask when she is not here (which is SO RARE, if she isn't here). She seamlessly moved from long-term sub to first-grade teacher in the middle of the year and has taken it on with grace. The parents all feel extremely blessed and trusting of their children's education in her hands, because of her strong rapport at VVE with students, staff, and community!!


Good Samaritan Award

Those who display compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative

Dr. Genevieve Shepherd Ali
Dr. Gen Ali is one of the most compassionate, giving AND humble people you'll ever meet. She has opened her heart and home to many new children at Valley View and truly cares for each and every one of them. She treats each child like the amazing children they are and shows them unconditional support and care. Dr. Ali does this all without fanfare and most people would not realize she has been doing this for so many children. She does this while also doing other volunteer activities at Valley View and working as a physician. She is inspiring, humble and makes our VVE community so incredibly special!