Eanes ISD

Valley View ES EANESpiration Winners, 2017

image VVE Eanespiration Winners


Educational Impact

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.


Ms. Logan Chapman
Ms. Chapman goes above and beyond her duties in order to provide each student she works with the individualized instruction he or she may need to make progress in social and academic areas. She is flexible yet structured for our students who need it most. Her kindness and compassion for the children she works with is apparent whether they are having a great day or a challenging one. She takes initiative to make learning experiences more meaningful for students, and to create resources that will only work to help children succeed. Valley View is a better place because of Ms. Chapman!

Ms. Kelsi Johnson
Ms. Johnson goes above and beyond on a daily basis to make sure that students are successful. She is extraordinary at making connections with students, knowing their needs and how to accommodate them. She takes extra time and care to design materials for lessons and does so with each student's needs in mind. Ms. Johnson takes advantage of teachable moments and jumps at the chance to encourage any child (not just those she is assigned to work with that day) to learn more. She has taught students how to sign, helped them to think critically, and has been ready to join in a silly dance at any moment!

Ms. Morgan Menichini
Ms. Menichini is a thoughtful, hard-working, creative teacher who insightfully prepares lessons to ensure student success each day. She opens her classroom and teaching to visitors from around the district so that many teachers across Eanes – and other districts - have learned more about readers' and writers' workshops. Further, Ms. Menichini tutors students across multiple grade levels after school. Her educational impact reaches far beyond her classroom, and students around Eanes and the Central Texas area benefit from her openness to share her thinking.

Ms. April Summers
Ms. Summers works very hard every day to prep the classroom and any materials or equipment necessary for student success. She has produced engaging, creative, motivating and unique crafts, activities and lessons specific to student needs. Ms. Summers is so loving and kind to her students and very intuitive and responsive to their daily and academic needs. She works so hard to make sure our students have what they need (and more) every day and goes above and beyond what her "job description" might imply.

Good Samaritan Award

One who displays compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative.

Ms. Maile Kono-Wells & Anita Lakshman
Ms. Kono-Wells and Ms. Lakshman were co-chairs for our amazing International Day celebration and they were phenomenal! This all included in-class activities with students exploring their own culture and identities in school, performances from international groups and an evening event in which families could come and view their children's creations. The evening event also included a school-wide pot-luck, with dishes shared from around the world. The event was not only educative but also helped build community. The lead-up to the day and the day itself was beautiful symbols of the VVE spirit of community, and it was thanks in large part to these two moms who came with a dream. We look forward to continuing the tradition next year and continuing to grow our understandings of ourselves and our world.

Innovation Award

For those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, or cost-savings.


Ms. Julie Cimino
Ms. Cimino is a master teacher who seamlessly blends her pedagogical knowledge with her art and graphic design experiences and her technological acuity. In addition to crafting lessons that encompass multiple artistic styles, genres, media, and cultures, Ms. Cimino embraces technology to both disseminate and gather information with students. Of particular note is a mammoth project she has worked on for two years with the now-fifth-grade students at VVE -- a project on immigration that is currently displayed at Laura's Library. In addition to the art itself, Ms. Cimino gathered written student reflections on immigration, then together selected quotes to record using anonymous voice over. The variety of student responses reveal voicings of a belief that indicate diverse thinking on this important topic -- and does so in thoughtful and respectful ways so that everyone's voice is heard. Ms. Cimino is an amazing teacher and we are lucky to share her talents in Eanes ISD!

Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.


Ms. Shannon Eggers
Ms. Eggers has transformed the VVE CDC program in her short time as the site specialist. She has given the CDC a renewed energy with a genuine love of the children and pride in her work. Her influence extends beyond VVE to the other two CDC programs at Barton Creek and Cedar Creek as well. She has worked with VVE staff to integrate the CDC with the rest of the campus to recognize the staff and children in morning announcements for birthdays, assemblies and teacher appreciation.

Ms. Rebekah Harrell
Ms. Harrell is famous for typing "I can do it" in her email response to staff requests for Morning or Afternoon Duty coverage. She arrives early to school and often volunteers this time to help out a colleague with their AM Duty. No matter the weather, she always agrees to help and she'll flash her sweet smile as she greets students and parents to school. Ms. Harrell is child-centered in her professional duties and she is always willing to share her expertise via instructional strategies. Her passion to improve education is strong and her focus on VVE students is impressive!

Ms. Lilly Kephart
Ms. Kephart displays exceptional commitment to her students and colleagues by taking time to build relationships and make a positive impact on everyone she meets. Students love and respect her because she takes the time to focus on their academic achievements as well as their social-emotional development. When you hear second grade students say, "When I get to fourth grade I want to be in Mrs. Kephart's class", you know you have a teacher who impacts not only her current students but all students. She not only teaches students but is also committed to teaching and is a tremendous asset to help new teachers reach their full potential as educators. We are so lucky to have her at VVE!

Ms. Miranda Massey
Ms. Massey is a one-of-a-kind volunteer who helps our LifeSkills classroom with anything and everything! She is always asking us what we need for our classroom, what the students need, and what she can do to help. Not only does she help us with material prep, she tirelessly puts velcro under each and every word in our reading books for the week. Ms. Massey is dedicated, dependable, compassionate and selfless and all of her hard work makes VVE a better place for our students!

Ms. Ramona Wilson
Nurse Wilson is a true hero at VVE. From helping our littlest Cardinals with scrapes or bumps to aiding in emergency situations, Nurse Wilson is amazing. With children playing in the gym or on the playground, there are bound to be accidents, and when that happens, Nurse Wilson stays calm and collected, and reassures teachers, students, and parents of her top-notch medical expertise. She is an advocate for students' medical needs, making sure that students who need glasses get them. She is a friend to all of her students and colleagues and incredibly compassionate when helping parents through tough times. We can truly feel the love and care she has for us and we love her just as much!