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Eanes ISD

Non-Campus EANESpiration Winners, 2021*

* includes some 2020 winners

Eanespiration Awards

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Shannon Eastman, CDC Coordinator
Shannon Eastman's steadfast compassion and presence have been instrumental to the commitment of the CDC community to make the school year as clean and as normal as possible for the youngest Chaps in the district. Her heart is reflected in every smile, tear and word of praise she shares with parents, students and staff. Never is there a parent’s worry she does not feel personally, never a boo-boo left without her checking up on the child. Her commitment to the bigger picture of her program as coordinator has not taken away from her ability to make whatever issue presented feel like her only project to those in need of her time. We know our children and the programs are in good hands, because they are in Shannon’s hands.

Julia Fortman, IE Cohort Leader
Julia Fortman has done an amazing job leading a team of district leaders. She has coordinated a program that has helped them grow not only as professionals, but also as people. She helped coordinate several talks with district personnel that helped staff members feel like they are a special part of the district. She seeks to promote each individual to help them become the best they can be. In the process, she also created a bank of resources during this time of remote learning. She has consistently reached out and asked how she can support the members of the Institute for Excellence and has truly made everyone feel valued in the district.



Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ryan Adams, Glenda Arias, Orion Lacroix, Jeremy Moore, Rick Roberts, David Rodriguez, TJ Washburn, M&O
Without hesitation, at a time where there were more questions than answers, a relentless team of M&O staff made it their personal priority to ensure our staff and students would come back to an environment that was healthy and safe, outfitting our facilities with the mitigation tools necessary. This ranged from our sanitation stations to thousands of plexiglass barriers. The strength of these individuals lies in the team, but the strength of the team lies in these individuals. We are proud of these individuals who acted with purpose.

Reuven Barnett, Francisco Ibarra, Lorenzo Linzey, M&O
It was understood early on that the Coranavirus was an airborne virus spread through coughing, sneezing, and even just talking. Armed with the information, our HVAC team led by Lorenzo Linzey was able to research, resource and install new technology in all of the buildings' air systems. This new technology along with upgraded filters has created a far better and safer environment for our staff and students. It was no small task installing these devices, not only did this team plan and execute the deployment, they had most of them installed prior to the first day of school.

Tori Spurgeon-Chen, Human Resources
Tori Spurgeon-Chen quickly transitioned into her new role in HR this year, always eager to help and looking for ways to improve processes. Shortly after she came on board, she inherited the task of COVID contact tracing. She put in so many extra hours to help our employees who either had COVID or needed to quarantine. This became a full time job, and she stayed positive, professional and sensitive to our employees needs, while somehow doing her normal job duties as well. 

Anthony Davis, Doug Michalik, M&O 
Anthony and Doug have been instrumental in keeping our district open during this pandemic. When we began to plan to return to school in the Fall, it was clear the custodial staff was going to be asked to do more. Anthony set up new cleaning protocols, new guidelines as well as new schedules. Anthony and Doug have continued to be on the front lines for the district. If a campus has a positive case, both Anthony and Doug do a thorough cleaning and disinfecting so the classrooms are available the following day. On top of the extra work and putting themselves in a place where they could potentially be exposed to the virus just to help our schools from extended closure, they never complain, never give up and always go the extra mile.

Heather Felder, Parent Volunteer
Heather Felder has been a huge part of the Eanes community as a middle school band parent and Robotics parent. She has worked tirelessly to make sure her children and others have the best possible educational experiences. Heather is also a huge supporter of teachers. This year, she worked tirelessly to schedule vaccination appointments for teachers who could not find an appointment or did not have time to look for one. She scheduled more than 75 appointments while being mindful of distance traveled for each teacher to receive their vaccine. Her dedication to keep our teachers and staff safe is admirable!

Patty Gray, Legal/Comm & Cindy Johnson, CIA
Patty and Cindy have been instrumental in making sure our COVID testing clinics have run smoothly this year. They managed the site, helped train and organize more than 30 volunteers, and worked with families, students and staff. They took hours out of their workdays to provide this service, sometimes working on weekends. Without Patty and Cindy, we would not have been able to offer this tremendously important service. We provided more than 1,000 tests this year and Cindy and Patty have contributed to Eanes being able to keep students and staff healthy and keep our schools open.

Karen Hallowell, SPED
Whenever meeting with Karen, one learns so much. Her knowledge of Special Education, federal and state laws, our district and our students is vast. Her position is always what will best serve the students, and she takes this position with love and kindness. Karen also has the ability to soothe the anxieties of people around her. She goes above and beyond in caring not only for students, but for staff members. Thank you, Karen, for teaching us all through your example.

Norm Hopkins & Jerri Ann Yznaga, M&O
Jerri Ann and Norman worked together with their teams to "COVID-19 prepare" our Westlake Football Stadium so we could safely cheer on our State Championship Football team this season. Both Jerri Ann and Norman created signage, installed miles of caution tape and created an environment that the district felt was safe enough to host home football games. After the stadium plan was developed and executed, they moved indoors and helped plan, prepare, and install safeguards for the competition gym athletic events. Thanks to their work, our student-athletes and our fans were able to attend and enjoy competitions in-person, something many schools were unable to achieve.

Norma Hutchinson, 3rd-Party Benefits Administrator
Norma Hutchinson has worked with Eanes ISD for more than 20 years and her service to the district has been immeasurable. As our third-party administrator, she has worked diligently to educate our employees on our benefits catalog and help them receive the coverage they need. Especially during the pandemic while we were hosting our new hire orientations online and having a virtual open enrollment only for the first time, Norma stepped up and helped guide our employees through the process. Norma is our hero and we are so thankful for all she does for Eanes ISD and our employees!

Kelsi Johnson, Technology 
Kelsi Johnson has been exceptional since she began her current role in June of 2020. She quickly brought a small team of people together to provide quality remote technology services while deploying new devices to staff and students in time for the first day of school. Kelsi provided drive-thru services before and after school while also shifting to provide technology appointments for those with time constraints. She worked countless hours answering emails to make sure no one was left behind or unanswered and worked with users who required extra attention to provide the service they needed, all while  leading her team to provide in-person support as the district transitioned staff and students back in-building. Kelsi's leadership, drive and determination in the Summer and Fall semester of 2020 were true assets to the district and without her it would have been a very different experience for all who rely on technology for their jobs and learning.

Trey Little, M&O
When the District decided to livestream athletic events because of capacity limitations, Trey Little was essential in the installation at multiple locations. He provided time and expertise with the third-party vendor to ensure the cameras and their connectivity were on-point. He also dropped everything at a moment’s notice when the installer showed up unannounced or without the proper equipment. No matter the challenge, Trey was always kind and professional and was a true hero for the district!

Angela Manley & Emily Richardson, M&O
No matter the circumstance, no matter the need, Angela and Emily embody selfless service to our District. Specifically, when our Transportation team experienced challenges with staffing positions over a period of time last school year, Angela and Emily stepped in to answer phones and run dispatch at our Transportation Center when needed. Sometimes driving straight there in the morning and other times, staying late. They never hesitated to help. We are so proud to have Angela and Emily as part of our Operations team, and glad to serve next to them.

Therese Meyer, Business Services
Therese Meyer stepped in and went way above the call-of-duty last year (2019) when a coworker was out on leave. She learned many new responsibilities, solved problems, and enabled the Business Office to keep accounting up-to-date. Not long after, she moved to a new role, COVID shut down the district and she was forced to learn her new job remotely. But she persevered. And when many were hesitant to leave their homes, Therese volunteered to go to the post office every week and stand in line to pick up many bins of mail for the district and campuses. She then decontaminated, sorted and processed all of the email at the very height of the COVID crisis, a selfless act! 

Kerry Oestrick, Transportation
Kerry Oestrick is always going above and beyond and her passion for helping students shines bright and is undeniable. If you ask around the Special Education community and elementary cafeterias what do you think of Mrs. Kerry, you will hear an unanimous shot of "We LOVE her!" While working instead of just keeping kids safe, she goes above and beyond to get to know each student's likes and dislikes. When there are behaviors that she is concerned with she asks what she can do to help the student. She always has a smile on. She is a true hero to our district!

Jennifer Ramberg, Former EEF Board President
Jennifer Ramberg consistently demonstrates a true commitment to our district. Jennifer was instrumental in making last year's Westlake Alumni 50th Anniversary weekend special and worked to prepare and implement all the activities for the entire weekend. Jennifer goes above and beyond and ensured everything ran smoothly and that EEF raised the most money in its history, putting 53 teachers in the classroom for the 2020-2021 school year. Jennifer treats everyone with respect and is willing to embrace challenges. She puts others before self and is a hard-working leader. Jennifer was an incredible leader for the EEF board, and the district is better because of her and her dedication to our students, staff and community.



Those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc.

Clayton Wright, M&O
In March of 2020, as the decision was being made that the district was going to go into lockdown, immediate planning and organizing was taking place. We've never shut down our district facilities for an extended period of time. With the foresight of possible damages that could occur when systems and buildings are closed, Clayton created, scheduled, documented, and met with his teams twice a week during the months of April, May and into June to visit all facilities and test, run, and monitor all building systems. Clayton created safety strategies for the 2-person rotating teams, and communicated everything through spreadsheets and emails. Because of all the preparation and hard work,  when we returned to the campuses and started to occupy the facilities, our systems including the HVAC, plumbing, water, sewer, and electrical devices were all in working order without skipping a beat. Clayton did a spectacular job under the radar in a very volatile uncertain environment... and noted -- not one of his crew got sick with the Coronavirus.