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Eanes ISD

Non-Campus EANESpiration Winners, 2018

Eanespiration Winners 2018

Left to Right. Back Row: Matt Morris, Marianna Ricketson, Kim McLaughlin, Lisa Groover, Rick Roberts and Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard. Front Row: Glenda Montoya, Koren LeClair, Ellen Balthazar and Dawn Breyfogle. Not pictured: Rozina Dhukka

Eanespiration Winners 2018
Left to Right. Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard, Christina Torres, Steve Martinez, James Moore, Corey Reyna and Transportation Director Fritz Klabunde

Educational Impact Awards

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Ellen Balthazar
As if being an EISD School Board Member is not enough, Ms. Balthazar has also stepped up to lead district staff in reviving the Eanes History Center and provide a valuable educational impact to our students. Ellen has revitalized the Eanes History Center making it accessible for 2nd graders to participate in a field trip as part of an integrated ELA and social studies unit focused on the history of the Eanes community. She has worked selflessly with the 2nd-grade teachers on research and relaying countless stories about the early settlers in this area. She is deeply committed to providing Eanes ISD students "roots" in their community. To that end, she also curated and created displays in the "yellow house," the barn area and the Eanes-Marshall House. She has actualized a vision to foster connections with the community by organizing a Heritage Day making all sites available to the public this Sunday. Shifting through storage sheds and boxes upon boxes of historical artifacts and memorabilia, Ellen spent hours transforming the Little Yellow House into the Eanes History Center where Eanes ISD students will be guided through fascinating historical facts on their community for many years to come.

Ms. Lisa Groover
Lisa has supported Young Writers' Camps and College Essay Camps for more than five years. She has accommodated every need, sometimes at the last minute. The advertising and coordination provided by Community Education makes these camps possible. She has also gone above and beyond to ensure that locations are available and accessible throughout the camp week. Our writers are able to extend their learning with expert teachers who are National Writing Project Teacher Consultants. These opportunities along with the support for composing college essays has made a significant and consistent educational impact for our students in Eanes ISD.

Ms. Kim McLaughlin & Marianna Ricketson
Kim and Marianna have worked with a committee of 2nd-grade teachers to create a dynamic unit of study focused on ELA and social studies TEKS. Based on the teachers' foundational ideas, Kim designed lesson plans which identify clear learning targets and effective teaching strategies including teacher behaviors and student evidence of understanding. She orchestrated the planning of a guaranteed, authentic experience for all 2nd graders to the Eanes History Center including a "digital docent" for each site. Marianna also worked to integrate technology into each lesson enhancing the impact of the learning activities and the final products of students. She embedded technology to the degree that teachers and students could select from options making the learning even more meaningful and memorable. Marianna provided key support for teachers on digital tools and advice during the design of the field trip to capitalize on the assets of the iPad. Her inspiration will continue to grow this unit. Kim and Marianna have impacted the education of 2nd graders in Eanes ISD and our district/community culture for years to come. We are grateful for their vision, spirit, and dedication to Eanes ISD.


Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Dawn Breyfogle
Dawn Breyfogle led and coordinated large committees at all 9 EISD campuses to support the EEF Teacher Fund. This is not an easy feat, but Dawn worked day-in and day-out with each committee, the EEF staff and the EEF board to ensure EEF's Annual Giving Campaign and signature fundraiser was a huge success. Dawn helped create a theme for the 2017/18 Teacher Fund campaign, coordinated back-to-school presentations and donation days at each school, helped plan Teacher Fund house parties, orchestrated a fun Teacher Fund tailgate and countless promotions and contests at each campus. Dawn was a gracious leader and, most of all, she and her large committee had fun while raising over $1 million dollars to fund teachers next year! EEF is grateful to have such a wonderful volunteer and supporter.

Ms. Rozina Dhukka
Rozina is gracious to every customer - students and adults. She exhibits a friendly, helpful attitude every day - this, while working at the busiest serving area in the district. Rozina doesn't know what stressful is. She meticulously works through any challenge, no matter how big. Her cheerful attitude helps everyone through the day. We appreciate her tenacity, friendliness, and spunk!

Ms. Glenda Montoya
Glenda has a great, can-do attitude. She is popular with the students and her fellow workers. She quietly goes about her day, giving more than 100% to her duties and to the students. Glenda has been willing to help at other schools when the department has been faced with staffing issues. She doesn't drop a beat and is happy to step in and help wherever she is needed. Her work ethic and kindness are exemplary and we are thankful for her every day.

Ms. Koren LeClair
It should be noted this nomination was for Lori Johnson too and while she is fabulous, she won an EANESpiration recently so we're focusing on Koren today. Our payroll team processes payroll for approximately 1,400 individuals each month. They are available to answer employee questions on everything from timesheets, W-4s, W-2s, leave, deductions, and the list goes on. This year, they faced a couple of major obstacles. The first was the Teacher Retirement System's implementation of a new reporting portal which had many software glitches. Payroll worked tirelessly to keep our District on track with reporting while trying to sort through all the software glitches. The second was the entering retroactive salary increases in November. Lori and Koren worked many extra hours, including weekends and holidays, to ensure employees' retroactive pays were calculated correctly and to process them prior to leaving for winter break. Throughout all of this, this team worked through all of the added stress and additional workload and maintained an upbeat and positive attitude.

Mr. Matt Morris & Mr. Rick Roberts
Matt and Rick went above and beyond to prepare the Eanes History Center grounds for students. The cemetery on the property required extensive work before it was accessible to 2nd graders. The nature of this very old cemetery complicated the task, but Matt prepared paths, cleared vegetation and created passageways to the other sites for both ease and safety. The inclusion of the cemetery is key to achieving several of the TEKS in the curriculum. The Eanes History Center 2nd grade field trip would not have been possible without his contribution. Both Matt and Rick provided support with smiles on their faces and true excitement for the project and its outcomes. They moved dusty artifacts out of storage, worked on structures, provided picnic tables and many other tasks always ready to do more. The Eanes History Center 2nd grade field trip would not have been possible without their contributions.

Mr. Steve Martinez
Steve is incredibly organized which has helped the Transportation Department tremendously. He provides leadership, instruction and creates an extension of the classroom with knowledge. His organized approach has set him up to win using our new SMART Tag system. He set up a system which maintains order while boarding the bus and organizes where his students sit. He also teaches the students to be responsible for their SMART tags. When Steve is not driving, he is busy cleaning his bus and helping on other tasks around the bus yard. We are thankful for all he does!

Mr. James Moore
James Moore has a lot of driving experience and knows how to drive all of the vehicles in our fleet. So when band season rolls around, he is the "go-to guy". He drives the semi for the band to the games, competitions and wherever else he is needed. James has a great rapport with the fine arts staff and makes it easy on them. He is so good with the staff, parent volunteers and the students. He is patient and kind as the job requires many long hours and uncertain schedules in a day. James knows his equipment and always has a way to find a good solution when needed. James displays leadership in his position of leading the band to the show. He makes a significant impact on the fine arts department as well as transportation.

Mr. Corey Reyna
Corey Reyna has to handle a lot of work and a lot of staff members. He comes in early every morning to open the gates and get everything ready for the day. He is responsible for preparing all the equipment for the football games and fine arts competitions which requires a lot of patience and preparation. Corey also helps out whenever possible sub driving routes and project graduation. Corey does a lot above and beyond fixing and maintaining buses. He deserves the Heroes Award for going above and beyond to take care of all of us at Eanes Transportation.


Innovation Award

Those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc.

Ms. Christina Torres
Christina drives the school bus in the morning and is balancing the budget by lunch. Christina is always looking for ways to save the district money. She has worked closely with Tim Wysong on preparing several grant proposals for new buses and fuel station upgrades. Christina is creative and innovative in problem-solving to manage our staff and our expenses. She deserves the Innovation Award for always working on solutions for the department of transportation.