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Eanes ISD

Hill Country MS EANESpiration Winners, 2018

Left to Right. Principal Kathleen Sullivan, Janet McCormick, Ingram Milam, Carol Edgar, Sharon Burns, Katie Recer, Christine Jones, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jeff Arnett. Not Pictured: Danielle Wiest

Educational Impact Awards

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Sharon Burns
Sharon is a dedicated teacher who is passionate and works tirelessly to help her students become better readers. She will do whatever it takes to help her students grow as readers. She is frequently responsible for helping students who have not passed the STAAR and is constantly working to help her students achieve success. She builds relationships with every one of her students and builds them up with confidence. She works extremely hard and her students show enormous growth because of her hard work. HCMS is lucky to have this valuable resource!

Ms. Janet McCormick
Mrs. McCormick knows all the students well that regularly go to the testing center and she always ensures they feel safe and comfortable and that the testing center is kept quiet. She communicates with teachers about any testing issues that students have and goes out of her way to make sure the testing center is very secure. Janet goes out of her way to make taking a test a less-stressful experience for the students. There have been occasions when she has noticed something out of the ordinary with students in the testing center and she will go to the counselor to follow up on the student. She also has come up with some ideas to make the Testing Center run more smoothly and effectively to promote student success. We thank her for all she does!

Ms. Katie Recer
Katie goes above and beyond to support her students and help them realize success. She helps her students gain confidence and thrive by creating innovative supports to help them through the writing process. Additionally, she looks for positive measures to help students who receive behavior support interact in the general education classroom as much as possible. Katie collaborates well with colleagues to create outstanding IEP goals and objectives. She is supportive, kind, nurturing, and an Eanespiration to students and colleagues.



Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Christine Jones
Christine took it upon herself to plan and coordinate the Eanes ISD middle school track meet for more than 600 students from six different area schools. She worked endlessly with both high school and middle school coaches, athletic coordinators and directors, parent volunteers, district officials and administration to meticulously plan every detail. Her leadership skills, organization, and work ethic allowed for the event to be a huge success, while also shining a bright light on Eanes ISD. Great work, Christine!


Danielle Wiest
Danielle has demonstrated, on numerous occasions, to always put students first. She is constantly looking to improve their academic life in any way possible. As a 6th grade counselor, Danielle had gone above and beyond and has helped many seventh and eighth grade students throughout the year. Her ideas in action always have helped bring a better outcome for the students and our team. There was a specific instance this year that Ms. Weist willingly took on a difficult situation with a student. Because of her guidance, the student has now come to seek out help on her own, which was a huge success.


Innovation Award

Those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc.


Ingram Milam
Ingram organizes a 6th Grade Lunch Bunch Book Club that includes presentations for students to choose books and brings fun treats to share with students. This has impacted almost 20 students each month who have come together around their love for books. Students have made friends with people they may not have found, discovered a deeper love of reading, and made connections to different parts of our world, and some have come out of their shell in other classes because of Book Club. Ingram has made a "home base" for our Book Club and has made deeper connections with students she teaches, and other connections with students she doesn't. She guides discussions, creates personalized bookmarks for each club member, and brings in special guests to give more meaning to the readings There has even been an opportunity to meet, via Skype, with one of the authors whose book we were reading! It's very clear to anyone who is in the book club that they matter, that this book matters, that reading matters. It should be noted LeeAnn Verret has been instrumental in this endeavor and would have been named an EANESpiration but she won last year!


Good Samaritan Award

Those who display compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative

Carol Edgar
Carol worked tirelessly after Hurricane Harvey hit her hometown. She was passionate about the Vidor ISD children being able to return to school with new or gently used backpacks. She created a campaign and backpack drive for the HCMS community to donate backpacks to those students in affected areas. Her "I Got Your Back(pack)!" Campaign was organized from her heart and made a difference in the lives of many families. Her Facebook Group has over 1,000 members and many students contributed by donating backpacks with supplies to students in need.