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Eanes ISD

Hill Country MS EANESpiration Winners, 2020

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Crystal Boyd, English teacher
Crystal Boyd is an amazing teacher, colleague, and human being! As a teacher, she works tirelessly to ensure that her lessons reach students at all levels. Crystal forms positive relationships with her students that impact their 8th grade year and well into high school and beyond. As a colleague, Crystal works diligently with her PLC, often staying well beyond school hours to ensure all 8th-grade students are receiving the same information and brings new ideas to her team and encourages them all with technology. Crystal has been in charge of the UIL Academic Team for several years, encouraging teachers to coach and students to participate. She organizes our campus so that we all know the expectations of our UIL participants, and they know exactly what to do to be successful. She also organizes our daily announcements on the intercom by selecting students to read her well-thought-out written announcements Crystal comes to work each day with a positive attitude, happy disposition, and a "look on the bright side" outlook. Hill Country Middle School is lucky to have her!

Katie Dawkins, Science teacher
This is only Katie's third year teaching, but she has the knowledge and skills of a veteran teacher. Katie is a valuable leader in the science department, helping to plan and implement curriculum for two different grade levels. She always has great ideas for both science classes, most of the time involving technology - that she drags the rest of us, sometimes kicking and screaming - into implementation. This year, she designed an activity for each grade level to use Spheros and had large class sets of posters made for students to use to program their Spheros code. She designed a heart diagram for our 7th-grade students and a rock cycle diagram for our 6th-grade students. She worked with Office Depot to get the best price deal for the large printouts, and our students have benefited greatly from her hard work. In addition, Katie has worked tirelessly on the middle school technology advisory committee, representing our teachers and students well and advocating for the best use of their devices in that committee. Hill Country is lucky to have Katie Dawkins on our campus!

Lisa Di Stefano, Special Education teacher
Lisa is an exceptional teammate. She plans lessons for her modified students that provide many opportunities for success and growth. We are always impressed with the lessons she's planning, the coursework she CREATES, and how engaged her students are in the lessons. She is a thoughtful colleague and a terrific thought-partner. She knows students SO well and they feel welcomed in her classroom. She does a wonderful job communicating with parents and being able to create a collaborative relationship with the parents of students, whom she case manages. We are grateful she is on our team!

Kristine Vanwisse, Special Education teacher
Kristine is an exceptional leader and teacher. She has wonderful relationships with her students and plans engaging and educationally impactful lessons. Students grow as writers when they are in her class. Kristine is willing to drop everything and help the teachers on her team. She is a diplomatic leader and is able to support staff, students and parents. She makes everyone feel heard and understood. She is super organized and gets back to her team quickly when they have questions. She is a terrific thought partner and helps to problem solve.

Amy Sharp, Educational Partner
Amy consistently goes above and way beyond her role to ensure the future success of the district. She is always thinking strategically about the best decisions for her admin teams/committees and best practices for teachers. Her attention to detail while remaining true to district themes and goals is a true inspiration! Amy is tirelessly motivated to do her best and ensure the best district environment for students. Her purview is always beyond her role expectations or today’s set of circumstances because Amy cannot stop herself from strategically planning what is best for the future of Eanes students. The importance of learning was realized for Amy at a young age and she truly has dedicated her life to ensuring that everyone has an equitable experience to have a high-quality education. Between countless professional organizations and her Baylor courses and her actual job as an EP, Amy impacts those around her daily, challenging them to be better educators and more thoughtful people.

Ashley Meyer, LSSP
Ashley responds to students in need with grace and compassion. She demonstrates a willingness and a desire to help students and make a true difference in their lives. Her actions impact students daily and she shows genuine pride for the students as they progress. In meetings with parents she helps to steer the discussions to solutions and away from focusing on problems, again, simply to help her students.
We are grateful that Ashley found Hill Country!   



Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Life Skills: Karen Heath, Nehemiah Hicks, Jen Holzhammer, Dominique Ridley    
Special Ed TAs: Kiyaanii Bohan, Mitch Bultman, Samantha Houser, Patrick Mahon, Imari Phillip

Our Special Ed Teaching Assistants and Life Skills Teachers are amazing. They are patient and kind and always willing to help out when needed. These qualities show on a daily basis as they work many challenging situations with patience, compassion and with absolute love for the students. The students respond to them. Teachers rely on them in the classroom in so many ways and are truly thankful for the work they do. They each go above and beyond the call of duty every day-- truly knowing and loving each of the kids they assist and making sure they have meaningful experiences in each of the classes they attend with them. They bring so much joy to each classroom as well. They are true assets to HCMS!

Joel Thompson, Life Skills teacher
Joel is new to the Hill Country family this year, in our Special Education Life Skills classrooms. Joel works tirelessly with our life skills students, providing them safety and security while engaging them with activities on their level to provide them with as much success as possible. All teachers have a servant's heart, but Joel is exceptional in that works in challenging situations and always with a great attitude and love for our kiddos. Hill Country is lucky to have him in our Life Skills Department!