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Eanes ISD

Forest Trail ES EANESpiration Winners, 2020

Eanespiration Awards

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Kristina Bishop, Music Teacher
Kristina Bishop is a great teammate and an integral part of the FTE family. Her advice and expertise are sought after all over the campus.  She has shown a deft hand at creating new traditions while honoring the old traditions, which has enriched our assemblies and performances. Our community has loved the addition of student performances in particular. Kristina also introduced a Ukulele club at Forest Trail which has allowed for another creative outlet for our students. Thank you, Kristina, for your support and providing a showcase for our students.

Raven Reaves, Educational Partner
Raven has transformed the job she's taken over and has become an invaluable teammate for teachers and administration alike. It's incredible how much and how fast she's become an integral part of our Forest Trail community. Staff can ask Raven for anything and she will happily assist with a smile and positive attitude. She has made us better educators in just a few months. Between dismissal procedures, small group instruction, new curriculum, parent communication, assessment data, staff connections and appreciation, and so much more, she has exceeded her job duties and poured her heart into making this campus a better place.

Joy Youngblood, Long-Term Substitute
Joy Youngblood has TRULY made an impact on all of us at FTE. In the short time she has been here she has folded into our team and we could not imagine FTE without her! All of the staff love Joy and the kids love her too! She constantly goes above and beyond, is always willing to help, is flexible and a truly sweet person. Where there is a need, we can find Joy providing her steady, helping hand without having to ask. The staff and students alike look to her for guidance and a resolve when faced with a challenge.  We are so grateful she took the long-term substitute position.


Good Samaritan 

One who displays compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative. 

Amy Gaither, Nurse
Amy has become a pillar of support and guidance as our nurse with every crisis we've had to face. Students, staff, and families have come to rely on her because of her drive to keep everyone safe and healthy. In one short year, Nurse Gaither has become one of the most beloved staff members at Forest Trail. She is the most compassionate person you may ever meet. When our students are at their most vulnerable, Nurse Gaither welcomes them with open arms, a mother's touch, a sympathetic ear and a calm and serene manner that comforts them. It doesn't matter if you are the only student in her office, or if her office is overflowing, she greets you as if you are the only person there. Whether you are a student or a staff member, she makes you feel as if you are THE most important person and your ailment is her upmost priority. She makes an incredibly difficult job seem effortless. Amy is kind and selfless and exactly what an Eanes employee should be. We love and appreciate you, Nurse Gaither!



Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Kiley Hadicke, Teaching Assistant
Kiley Hadicke has been a key addition to Forest Trail.  Kiley’s valuable creation of new procedures has been a huge assistance to our cafeteria staff and monitors. Her work with our kindergarteners has been impactful and appreciated by all. She has built a connection to every student in the building and they are comfortable going to her for assistance. These connections carry over to the afternoon car line as her impact has resulted in a more efficient and safe experience for our students and parents. She knows our students and has been responsible on a number of occasions for getting students home as opposed to missing busses and feeling unsafe.

Albino Hernandez, Michael Rivera, Karen Tome, Custodians 
Our custodial team is a positive force on our campus. Every day, this diligent trio goes above and beyond to keep Forest Trail a safe and clean environment that students, teachers, and parents are proud to call their own. Regardless of what they are doing or how busy their day is, they always have time for a friendly smile or conversation with students. Students learn and grow from their positive modeling. They always are willing to abandon their current task to assist in an emergency situation elsewhere in the building. Forest Trail is lucky to have this team and would be lost without them.