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Eanes ISD

Forest Trail ES EANESpiration Winners, 2019

Eanespiration Winners

Left to Right. Back Row: Principal Cody Spraberry, Cheryl Pratt, Julie Goodnough, Priscilla Martinez, Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard. Front Row: Mary Youngwith, Sharon Rossie, Victoria Stewart, Karen Purdy, and Sara Chen. 

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Julie Goodnough, Special Education TA
Ms. Goodnough is a valuable educator and teammate at Forest Trail who strives to make a positive and meaningful impact for students every day and accomplishes that with effortless grace and savvy. Ms. Goodnough's outreach is expansive because every student in her orbit at any time of the day benefits from her 'all seeing' and 'all knowing' understanding of what kids need. Her nimble, Ninja-like response to every manner of student difficulties throughout the day highlight her expertise in untangling the knots that create stumbling blocks for children. Ms. Goodnough has been reliably helping students navigate the choppy waters of education with a steady hand, an open mindset and a kind and loving heart. Ms. Goodnough's educational impact will long be remembered by her students and peers with great appreciation and respect.

Ms. Victoria Stewart, Special Education Teacher
Ms. Stewart has gone above and beyond in providing a consistent, reliable, and worthwhile education to her students. She perseveres with her dedication to do what's right for her students no matter what. Additionally, she offers strategies and insights to other teachers who seek out her support for the challenges they face in their own classrooms. She exemplifies the passion we hope for from all of our staff.  She has jumped into her new role as THE behavior support teacher on campus full of ideas and determination. Ms. Stewart helps our campuses’ students find success and integration in their classrooms by whatever strategies necessary. Ms. Stewart constantly finds herself in situations that are far beyond what could be expected with her role, but she handles them with poise and confidence.  She spends her outside work time updating herself on the most recent laws, creative strategies, and worrying about her students. She is truly deserving of the title, EANESpiration!

Good Samaritan 

One who displays compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative. 

Ms. Mary Youngwith, Parent Volunteer
Ms. Youngwith signed up to be our third-grade garden volunteer this year and when no one signed up to lead it, she took the time to research, create, and organize each garden lesson. She also came EVERY day during our garden time to facilitate garden for EACH third grade class. She was here during the weekends, early in the mornings, and late at night. She has taken it to the next level for third grade and she even signed up to help Kinder in the spring! When a class had its garden harvest party, she came and picked the food in the morning, took it home and washed it, bought additional food, cut all the food, then had all the food prepared on plates, ready for the class when they returned. She even pulled aside vegetables she pulled from each child's garden square and bagged them up with each student's name on the bag for them to take home. She's been amazing and FTE is lucky to have her!


Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Sara Chen, Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Chen is inspiring and an unsung, humble and selfless hero. She goes above and beyond to make sure that every single student in her class is successful in every way. She tutors many of her students -free of cost- before and after school, several days a week. She stays late to prepare what every child needs individually to learn. She also makes learning fun for her students by singing songs to teach, wearing funny hats and creating new and engaging ways to teach her lessons. She also teaches fun learning activities on her own time with one of her former students who is homebound. Ms. Chen has a heart that loves every child and a positive attitude that is determined to make sure they learn in a loving and nurturing environment. 

Ms. Priscilla Martinez, Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Martinez is always so sweet and thoughtful.  She is flexible and a great general education teacher this year to our students.  She is always patient, kind and willing to help.  She spent countless hours outside school to take care of one of our own.  She is a shining example that teaching goes well beyond the classroom.  She loves her students and it shows.

Ms. Cheryl Pratt, School Secretary/Registrar
Ms. Pratt is an amazing asset to Eanes ISD and Forest Trail is blessed to have her on our campus. She consistently reminds the teachers that she is at their disposal when researching and ordering items for classroom and curriculum needs. She is also a master at finding ways to save the district, school and team money when purchasing those items. From the minute you walk into her office, Ms. Pratt is incredibly welcoming and always willing to help in ANY way she can, even if what you need falls way outside her "job description". In fact, there cannot possibly be a job description that encompasses all the things she does for the school including, providing accurate and efficient student enrollment, accurate and precise budget and purchasing, coordinating programs and funding with booster club, keeping the staff abreast of the rules and regulations regarding funds and budgets, getting up excruciatingly early to provide tacos for the staff at staff meetings, covering for staff emergencies, and providing fun and humor when it is needed most. We love Ms. Pratt and we truly believe she is a marvel. 

Ms. Karen Purdy, Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Purdy is an example of a hero. She is a true team member who always shares her ideas, gifts and resources. She helps anytime there is a need. She took charge of the Veterans Day Assembly and made it a truly, amazing tribute to our Veterans. She is compassionate towards her students and all children by showing kindness to all. She pours out her energy throughout each day and finds the good in all. She is selfless with her time, always going above and beyond just to get whatever needs to be done and always with a smile. "Uplifting" was her character word last year and that is a perfect description of Ms. Purdy.

Ms. Sharon Rossie, Parent Volunteer
Ms. Rossie is a fabulous parent volunteer, who has been a volunteer at FTE for the past 7 1/2 years, spending countless hours making copies, die cutting, laminating, binding books and cutting out projects for our staff. It’s not uncommon to find her working on teacher projects before the school year even begins. Not only does she volunteer her time in the copy room, but she also has been coordinating the volunteers for the past 6 years. She makes sure that the copy room is well supplied, and Ms. Rossie has been very instrumental in securing new technology in order to maximize its efficiency. We are so thankful for all she does for FTE!