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Eanes ISD

Forest Trail ES EANESpiration Winners, 2018

Eanespiration Winners 2018

Left to Right. Top Row: Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jeff Arnett, Tiffany Bibby, Nancy Bettersworth, Allison Johnson, Kevin La Badie, Principal Cody Spraberry. Bottom Row: Amanda Stautzenberger, Susan Ormand, Kelly Dunning, Reanna Brooks, and Mindy Fernandes. Not Pictured: Rebecca Harrell and Mary Kay Schroff

Educational Impact Awards

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.


Ms. Tiffany Bibby
Ms. Bibby displays commitment to the district and to her many students at several Eanes ISD campuses by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact. She provides instruction and modifications to her students that allows them a seamless inclusion in PE. She visits multiple campuses each day, but always has a smile on her face and brings positivity to the gym. We are incredibly thankful for her enthusiasm and everything she does to make Forest Trail a better place to learn!

Ms. Susan Ormand
Mrs. Ormand creates an environment of acceptance and caring in her classroom that encourages each student to reach his or her own potential. She differentiates her curriculum to meet the needs of each student in a way that honors that student's privacy and feeling of self-worth. She sets goals for her students and is constantly encouraging them to reach them. She is incredibly loving toward her students while still having high expectations for them academically and behaviorally, creating an atmosphere for each child to flourish. Mrs. Ormand holds Community Circle in her room every day where time is taken for each and every student to talk about whatever they are feeling, which sets the stage for her students to feel comfortable expressing thoughts and feelings in a safe and loving setting. As a team leader, Mrs. Ormand is a great encourager and cheerleader, taking on many of the day-to-day responsibilities of the team, thereby freeing them to concentrate on serving students, which has an educational impact on the entire grade level! She exemplifies leading by example.


Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Nancy Bettersworth
Caring, compassionate, innovative, determined, amazing, and positive are all words that describe Ms. Bettersworth's gift to the students and staff at Forest Trail. With ease, Ms. Bettersworth works with our students in a professional, positive manner. She rises to what appears to be challenging situations with a smile on her face and makes these situations appear smooth and easy. Her dedication to this job is one we could all model and aspire to achieve. Ms. Bettersworth helps our students participate in any activity or task presented and recently, she learned all the movements for a musical production so she could be onstage and help a student be successful at performing. She encourages with quiet confidence and a kind demeanor. Nancy is wonderful!

Ms. Reanna Brooks
Ms. Brooks is calm and consistent in her approach to assisting students. She is knowledgeable and professional in her interactions with students and teachers. She encourages student interaction on every level, encouraging healthy interactions within the classroom and on the playground. She participates with all the children in the classroom, not only those she works with. She implements technology with ease with lessons every day and she is very kind and caring and makes sure all students are involved in social activities with other students. Ms. Brooks is kind, positive and enthusiastic.

Ms. Mindy Fernandes
Ms. Fernandes is a totally invested teacher who commits herself fully to maximizing the educational impact for each of her students. Her love, compassion and dedication show in all she does for her students and Forest Trail. Her work ethic of delivering 100% and being a dedicated partner to other teachers has earned her the respect and affection of her co-workers. Ms. Fernandes has gone above and beyond in supporting Forest Trail by helping with fundraisers, enlisting her husband to be a science fair coach, helping teachers move their belongings to safe areas during our sprinkler installation, moving new teachers into the building and departing teachers out and helping place our new STEAM carts so teachers could access them quickly. Ms. Fernandes seeks ways to display leadership and give herself to the cause. She has made a positive, noticeable and significant impact on students, teachers and our Forest Trail community.

Mr. Kevin La Badie
Mr. La Badie serves as one of the lunchroom monitors at Forest Trail Elementary and he is truly outstanding with the children. He recently made a special effort with a new student who was adjusting to a new school, new classmates and new teachers. He took time with the student so he could feel comfortable and part of the FTE family. Mr. La Badie is constantly doing things like that to make every student feel special. He is a consummate optimist and makes the cafeteria a joy!

Ms. Mary Kay Schroff
Ms. Schroff has always been an amazing substitute and this year she took a long-term sub position that has been a wonderful addition for the FTE teachers and students. She has worked with kindergarten, first grade, and second grade in her new position, which can be challenging with three very different curricula. Many days her schedule is different, but she always comes in with a smile and she is VERY flexible! She shows love and compassion for all of our students and we are so happy to have her!

Ms. Amanda Stautzenberger
Mrs. Stautzenberger is a valuable campus leader and goes beyond expectations on a regular basis in order to meet the needs of a diverse group of students. She maintains a respectful and professional demeanor when working with other staff, students, and parents. Mrs. Stautzenberger is extremely knowledgeable about all things education and special education. She handles stressful situations daily and does so with a calming and supportive manner. Parents and staff trust her wisdom and feel confident she will do what is best for students.


Innovation Award

Those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc.

Ms. Kelly Dunning and Ms. Rebecca Harrell
Our art teachers inspire our students, teachers, and parents every day. The artwork they display in our hallways demonstrates such creativity and skill. It also makes our walks down our hallways interesting and educational. This year the art installation displayed during Open House entitled "What Lifts You Up" inspired students to recognize their strengths and passions. They are masters at incorporating SEL skills into their lessons. it goes without saying we are lucky to have both of them at Forest Trail Elementary.


Good Samaritan Award

Those who display compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative

Ms. Allison Johnson
Mrs. Johnson has organized our annual Forest Trail Food and Diaper Drive for several years. She has recruited other parents to help with the drive and recruited our fifth-grade students to accept and count donations. The drive not only helps the families in the Austin area that are in need, but it helps our students get the opportunity to help others and remember the world is bigger beyond FTE. The children get so excited when they know they are a part of helping others and helping solve a real problem in the Austin area. Mrs. Johnson is helping our students to become compassionate well-rounded citizens and we are truly thankful.