Eanes ISD

Cedar Creek ES EANESpiration Winners, 2018

CCE Eanespiration Winners 2018

Left to Right. Back Row: Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard, Amy Puga, Jennifer LaRue, Kate McIvor and Ian Smith. Front Row: Principal Jessica Brown, Aimee Babbs, Lisa Smith, Linda Hopkins and Lindsey Creel.

Educational Impact Awards

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Amy Puga
Ms. Puga is a strong advocate for her students and works hard to ensure their success on a continual basis. She understands their individual strengths and needs in order to promote better educational outcomes and implements strategies and extra support to help them. Ms. Puga works with all members of staff and families in a collaborative and consultative process and goes above and beyond in her role as a teacher. It is evident she is making a difference in the lives of the students she teaches.

Ms. Lisa Smith
Ms. Smith works with a small group of Cedar Creek students and works hard to make educational progress. She maintains high standards for her students and spends time and energy devising systems and processes that help support their learning. The progress of her students is of the utmost importance to her and is obvious to any who observe them. She is upbeat and a go-getter with a lot of spunk and her students love her!


Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Aimee Babbs
Ms. Babbs is a fabulous front office secretary! She is cheerful, helpful, and extremely organized. She is excellent at problem-solving and doesn't hesitate to step up and assist others. We know we can always trust her to follow through on any task. This year, Ms. Babbs handled our rollout of the Campus Dismissal Manager with her usual expertise, helping parents and teachers use the program successfully. Routinely, she is asked to cover various duties, find last-minute coverage for teachers, and manage our school attendance. She does all these jobs with a high level of professionalism! Ms. Babbs is the "heart" of CCE and keeps us all on track.

Ms. Linda Hopkins
Ms. Hopkins is one of the sweetest Principal's Secretaries with a quiet and calming presence that makes her seem like she is never stressed. She works hard at school and outside of school and never misses a beat. She gets her job done plus the jobs of others. She is organized and able to multitask effectively. She greets all parents, students and staff with a smile and warm greeting. Mrs. Hopkins is always so approachable and always finds a way to support our ideas and programs. We love Ms. Hopkins!

Ms. Kate McIvor
As CDC Site Coordinator, Ms. McIvor demonstrates her passion and commitment to early childhood development every day. It is more than teaching, it is creating the atmosphere and safe culture where children not only learn, they more importantly experience learning through outside activities. Ms. McIvor demonstrates rigid compliance to policy and state codes as evidenced by the consistently high marks from the State Licensing and the TRS Licensing Department. She maintains this discipline while taking to account each child's current capabilities, their potential, and the diversity of the families and her team. She is the backbone of our center and she will always be our Hero.


Innovation Award

Those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc.

Ms. Lindsey Creel
Ms. Creel's music programs exhibit our students' talents in many forms. She connected literature to music in the fall program and made the showcased book the most in-demand title of the year in the school library. Her calm and patient demeanor takes the stress off performing students and allows them to relax and have fun in their performances. She continues to promote best practices in musical education and performance and we are fortunate to have her as a member of our Cedar Creek family.

Mr. Ian Smith
Mr. Smith is a world-class Innovator. He strives to exemplify quality work in all he accomplishes. In the last two years, Mr. Smith has met with students after school and created a News Broadcast network called Eagle Eye News. Eagle Eye News is a student-created, student-delivered and student-led reporting of stories around Cedar Creek. This pre-recorded news show is the brainchild of Mr. Smith. In addition to creating the show, Mr. Smith takes the team of students to Westlake High School where they learn additional skills from the Technology class. We appreciate the time and effort he puts into planning guidance lessons and extending them throughout the year and for his assistance with Live Oak. CCE is a great place because of Mr. Smith!


Good Samaritan Award

Those who display compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative

Ms. Jennifer LaRue
Ms. LaRue is an amazing President of the Booster Club! She is organized, genuine, and dedicated. We joke that she needs an office at CCE because she devotes endless hours to our school. She personally connects with staff members and makes all us feel appreciated. Ms. LaRue is never shy to find a solution and offer her support. Our teacher's lounge is stocked with treats thanks to her thoughtfulness. She volunteers in the library, assists in all Booster Club programs, finds speakers, fulfills our requests for classroom items, and contributes to staff appreciation events. We are thankful for all she does for the CCE community!