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Eanes ISD

Bridge Point ES EANESpiration Winners, 2021

Eanespiration Awards

Heroes Award 

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Arnold Cancino, Custodian
Mr. Arnold takes great pride and care to thoroughly clean, sanitize and prep the cafeteria between every lunch time. His patience waiting for students to exit, who may be late getting to recess, is commendable. Those delays could interfere with his tasks, but he completes the job single handedly and on time, and of course with a smile. This is a commendable feat at 80% occupied; and the district’s largest populated elementary school! Thank you to Mr. Arnold for taking such good care of our school!

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Lynn Bonsky, Campus Substitute Teacher
Ms. Bonsky has taken her role as daily campus substitute and stretched it into the most flexible of roles. She is handed daily, short-term, and long-term spots to fill, sometimes at a moment's notice (or less) across grade levels. Regardless of the circumstance, she proves herself so much more than just an extra adult presence; she's an asset to the classroom, a benefit to the students and teachers.

Nancy Kapsner, Teaching Assistant
Ms. Kapsner has general responsibilities as a teaching assistant on campus, as well as supervising our recess team. She not only creates the weekly recess schedules, which can be hectic during this Covid time, but she will, on a moment's notice, substitute for an absent teacher. Nancy has been able to help students and teachers with remote and blended learning in third grade since the moment we came back to school in September. Her smile and attitude is always positive; she insists on learning every student's name and cares deeply for their well-being and safety. Most importantly, she spreads kindness to others in the BPE community.  She is an asset to this campus, and truly appreciated by the students and staff alike!

Katy Larson, Librarian
Ms. Larson has gone above and beyond to make resources available to our students in such a difficult time. Her Zoom lessons are exciting and full of energy. She started a book club for our 4th and 5th graders. She even invited teachers! I have loved being a part of the book club with all the other "cool" kids! Katy is always looking for creative ways to make learning more exciting for our students. 

Erica Morris, Special Education TA
Ms. Morris plays such a vital role in supporting Special Education students. She works so well with her students! Erica is engaged with whoever she is working with in their learning, adapting, inclusion, and positive support. Erica shows up to our Specials classes with such a smile on her face. The students she works with care for her and respect her. We appreciate all that she does!! 

Vivian Rojas, 2nd-Grade Teacher
Ms. Rojas is a staple to the 2nd-grade team at BPE. Her students and coworkers are so grateful for all her in-depth knowledge of teaching language arts. She has a way she teaches her students that makes them excited to write and read. When she teaches them poetry and procedural writing, for example, she has modeled examples for the students with famous poems all the way to silly poems made up on the spot. When she taught procedural writing, for example, she filmed herself cooking pancakes multiple times showing exactly how many things can go wrong when the directions are not precise. It was humorous and effective. The students definitely got the lesson! She is an amazing teacher and BPE is so lucky to have her! 

Taylor Stacy, 3rd-Grade Teacher
Ms. Stacy accepted a job as a fully remote teacher in the early weeks of the school year. She jumped in, as a first year teacher, with enthusiasm, bravery and love for kids (above all else!). Eventually, her role became blended, which was even more intimidating, and Taylor has taken on the challenge with grace and poise. She is an absolute delight to teach with and deserves all of the recognition in the world for taking on a truly difficult task.