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Eanes ISD

Bridge Point ES EANESpiration Winners, 2022

Eanespiration Awards
BPE Eanespiration Winners 2022

Left to Right. Top Row: Tameka Jones, Rachael Sherman, Yanet Santiago Tejeda, Kelsey Brainard, Dr. Jeff Arnett. Bottom Row: Madison Knight, Denise Scott, Amy Williams and Principal Sheri Bryant. Not pictured: Jon Slimack. 

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Madison Knight, 4th-Grade Teacher
Ms. Knight is new to our school this year and she has made an exceptional impact. She has a positive attitude, welcoming smile and always puts students' needs first. She is a great teammate to work with willing to share ideas, listen to others' ideas, and brainstorm solutions. Ms. Knight makes such a difference for students. She teaches small groups and works one-on-one when students need that extra time and instruction. She is always looking for ways to reach ALL of her students. We are so glad we get to work with Ms. Knight to meet the needs of our students. 

Ms. Denise Scott, 1st-Grade Teacher
Ms. Scott joined our BPE family this year and jumped in with both feet. She has added so much positivity and joy to our campus. She sets a warm, and welcoming classroom. Even with being a new-to-Eanes teacher, other students from different grades love her contributions to the school and seek her out as a trusted adult. She’s always willing to give an extra hand, and has a “will do” attitude. Ms. Scott loves a practical joke and keeps everyone laughing and on their toes.

Ms. Amy Williams, Educational Partner
Ms. Williams always brings a positive attitude to school. She is readily available to support and help teachers and is committed to her role and position. Her enthusiasm for student success and progress is contagious! Ms. Williams is passionate about teaching and learning – she never stops improving her craft and is a lifelong learner. Not only does she have a passion for supporting teachers at BPE, she is also dedicated to supporting teachers district-wide.


Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Tameka Jones, Campus Assistant
Ms. Jones goes above and beyond to care for her students. When one of her students moved away, she made sure to keep in contact with the family to see how they were doing. She has a very empathetic heart for staff members and students. She brightens up staff members’ days on holidays and creates beautiful, original artwork as birthday presents.  Her thoughtfulness is beautiful and appreciated! 

Ms. Rachael Sherman, Student Support Counselor
Ms. Sherman is new to social work in a school setting, and has become part of the school with such ease. Not only does she succeed at fulfilling the role of a social worker, she also fulfills the role as a full-time school counselor.  She did the job of two people by herself for most of the year. She has also cultivated relationships with every class in the school via her monthly life skill lessons. In addition, she has taken on new initiatives like “College and Career readiness” month. She has even found new ways to help build community here at BPE like the new tradition of a Friday-assembly dance party! Ms. Sherman is an instrumental part of the leadership team, she does morning and afternoon duty, conducts lunch bunches, is a member of CLT and our DEI committee, plans and delivers guidance lessons to all classrooms, organizes service projects and morale boosters, and welcomes kids and staff into her office throughout the day. BPE and Eanes are so lucky to have her. She has gone above and beyond for our students this year! 

Ms. Yanet Santiago Tejeda, Custodian
Ms. Santiago Tejeda does outstanding work every day here at Bridge Point and she has a wonderful positive effect on everyone in our building. She is a shining example of someone who values and takes pride in the work they do. Our classrooms stay clean and organized during the day and are spotless when we return to school each day. What makes her a true hero is her positive attitude and how she makes those around her feel. She greets students and teachers alike, and always has a kind word to share. Her kindness and positivity are fully on display throughout the day. Simply put, Ms. Santiago Tejeda goes above and beyond, happily, to do her very best for the teachers and the students.  

Mr. Jon Slimack, Special Ed Aide
Mr. Slimack is a friend, coworker, and an all-around good person. He goes far and beyond his job duties and loves the students here at BPE. He is creative and comes up with great ideas to help the teachers and the students. He is always willing to help anyone at any time and does it with a smile. Jon has the biggest heart and we look up to him. He is very inspiring. He has a great sense of humor and brightens our day with a joke every morning. He is the best and we are so thankful for him!


Those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc.

Ms. Kelsey Brainard, Cafeteria Manager
Ms. Brainard instituted our breakfast program "from scratch" this year. While handling the new breakfast program, COVID restrictions, and budget uncertainties every day, she still found time to transform a glorified storage closet into a welcoming food distribution hub to greet students as they enter the building each morning.  Her creativity has provided such joy and what a wonderful start to the day for all our students!  BPE is so lucky to have Ms. Brainard as a part of our community!