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Eanes ISD

Bridge Point ES EANESpiration Winners, 2020

Eanespiration Awards

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Nicole Caruso, Campus Permanent Sub
Nicole was put in a challenging situation when she was asked to fill in as a fifth-grade teacher mid-year. Although it was not without trepidation - she made a huge impact and her efforts created a seamless transition for the students and staff. She showed compassion, patience, and understanding for the 5th graders, as she taught science to every one of them. Her calm demeanor was just what the students and other 5th grade teachers needed. Nicole worked tirelessly to learn content, to deliver enriching instruction, provide meaningful feedback and to nurture the students during their time of uncertainty. She became an amazing and courageous 5th-grade science teacher and we all are so thankful to her.

Carley Leavitt, 3rd-Grade Teacher
Carley is an outstanding teacher, leader, and teammate. She truly is the glue that holds the 3rd-grade team together. As a team with three new teachers to BPE (but not to teaching), she has made an enormous effort to make sure all feel included, informed, and supported. If every team had a team lead like Carley, they would be very lucky AND successful. Carley also puts kids first. She loves kids with her whole heart and works tirelessly to make sure every student is getting the support they need and deserve. Kids gravitate to her kind, gentle way, and they work so hard because they know how loved and safe they are in Carley's classroom.



Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Beth Kemp, Principal’s Secretary
Beth Kemp is always so prepared and on top of things. Teachers rely on her for help with documents, field trips or classroom orders and she is always on top of it. In fact, Mrs. Kemp is always two steps ahead of everything. This year, the third grade was desperate to go to a field trip to the Austin and Nature Science Center--and ran into issues with their lack of background checks and fingerprinting. Luckily, Mrs. Kemp worked tirelessly and spent hours of her time communicating with the program directors and helped to make the field trip a success. We couldn't have done it without her.

Michelle McMillin, 2nd-Grade Teacher
Michelle has been invaluable to the 2nd-grade team! Michelle has worked tirelessly to make sure the entire team is on the same page. She has always been willing to go above and beyond to make sure lessons are spot on and all have a clear understanding of the technology used. Without hesitation, she will call a group meeting when she has seen teachers are confused and lost on some new territory. While everyone has worked countless hours during this covid19 closure, there is no doubt Michelle has worked more with her team leader meetings and extra steps to ensure all are organized. Three cheers for Michelle!

Tricia Pate, Physical Education Teacher
Tricia is a dedicated, caring, hard-working professional who always strives to do her best. She managed the PE program flawlessly during a teacher's absence. Tricia guided both classes every 2nd and 3rd day while mentoring and helping the substitute when she was teaching on her own. She handled the teaching, discipline issues, and building communication. The lessons and units were seamless... which involved jumping rope, flying kites and climbing stations!  Her leadership is quite evident, and she is fun to work with - and the kids love her! Tricia Pate is an awesome colleague to collaborate with and she makes our jobs easier!

Cheryl Rutley-Kreis, Long-Term Sub
Cheryl has stepped up and done a great job as a long-term sub during this pandemic! She signed up to teach in the classroom and has been so flexible and willing to learn while we navigated through this challenging time all with a positive attitude every day while trying to take care of her four children at home. She is amazing!

Katy Schueller, 1st-Grade Teacher
Katy is arguably one of the kindest humans most people have ever met. Stepping inside her classroom- whether physically or virtually- brings about an instant feeling of calm and joy. Ten minutes scarcely pass without hearing one of her students speak about bucket-filling. They are always looking for ways to fill other's buckets and acknowledging those who fill theirs. She has taught them how to authentically compliment one and other- not for trivial or superficial things, but for aspects of their character and personality (ex. "I like that you are trustworthy"). Katy is warm, compassionate, empathetic and always has a glass-half-full attitude. Students who pass through her classroom will be better human beings as a result of their time with her.

Jennifer Skinner & Katherine Nichols, Parent Volunteers
Jennifer and Katherine have been the May Madness (field day) committee co-chairs for three years. Together they chair a group of parents who also volunteer on the May Madness committee. This is a volunteer position that probably feels more like a full time "unpaid" position! We start planning for May Madness around February and it continues after our May Madness event concludes. Jennifer and Katherine are responsible for managing the committee, which includes developing a vision for the event, planning meetings, countless emails, coordinating volunteers for the event, assemblies, shopping for supplies, working with the hospitality crew, setting up the field and volunteer check-in the day/night before AND running the event the day-of! This takes energy, time, commitment, flexibility, resilience, hard work and most important leadership. This year would have been Jennifer and Katherine's last year to volunteer on our May Madness Committee. We can't thank them enough for leading our volunteers and making May Madness memorable for students, staff and families. They have put their heart and soul into making May Madness the BEST for our Bridge Point students. Having both of them as committee co-chairs was so valuable to the event. We truly appreciate their willingness to be a part of May Madness and we do recognize the time and commitment it took the last three years.