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Eanes ISD

Barton Creek ES EANESpiration Winners, 2021

Eanespiration Awards

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Eddie Dauernheim, Special Education Collaborative Teacher
"Mr. D" touches the lives of so many people. He truly bends over backwards to meet the needs of his students. He constantly evaluates how his students are doing (with regards to their academic & behavioral goals) and adjusts as needed in order to provide the best support possible. On top of all of this, Eddie has co-led the "No Place for Hate" committee for the last three years, is taking graduate school classes in the evenings and is forever doing something selfless (like covering people's duty, etc.) for colleagues. Eddie is passionate about doing the right thing for his students and works diligently to ensure they achieve at the highest of levels! He tackles challenges with ease and his genuine care for people shines daily! 

Debbie Dufour, CDC teacher
Deborah "Ms. Debbie" has been an exceptional teacher at the CDC. She goes above and beyond to think of innovative, hands-on lessons for her students that open up new worlds for them. Debbie communicates with parents so well. She sends home pictures, personalized notes and regular newsletters to let parents know what they are talking about in class so they can model similar things at home. This communication makes the process of sending children to daycare during this challenging year so much easier. Nothing vouches more for her than the smile her students get on their faces when they see Ms. Debbie in the mornings - they absolutely adore her! Ms. Debbie is such a special individual and teacher and so deserving of this recognition.  

Christie Isom, Educational Partner
Every single day Christie goes above and beyond what is asked and expected of her. Between juggling F&P needs, MAP testing and patiently helping new teachers with blended learning, she brings a calm and expertise to all she does. Christie has gone out of her way to make sure new teachers feel competent and understand how to best use technology to fit the needs of their classroom. She is such an incredible asset to our campus and we are thankful for her expertise! 

Caroline Kelner, Special Education Teacher
Caroline Kelner is a longtime, devoted teacher to the Barton Creek Community. This year presented many new challenges and fast, ever-changing scenarios. Mrs. Kelner was needed in five different classrooms throughout this year, including English, Spanish Immersion, In-person, and Remote. Despite the overwhelming nature of this, she used her expertise and passion for her student's learning and emotional needs to make sure each student she supported made progress and felt safe in their learning environments. Caroline Kelner is a truly special teacher with unmatched ability and perseverance. Nothing stands in the way of her and the educational impact she makes on her students.  

Monica Vera, Special Education TA
Monica Vera is among the most consistently exceptional people at Barton Creek. She expertly maintains higher expectations for her students without sacrificing the connection she has with them or her kindness. The progress one of her students has made over the years is one of the most incredible turn-arounds of a student with learning challenges and it is amazing. Monica is a huge part of why her students have been so successful. She always has a positive attitude and makes everyone around her feel in high spirits. We are incredibly lucky to have her at Barton Creek!  


Good Samaritan 

One who displays compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative. 

Peggy McDonell, Parent Volunteer
Peggy goes above and beyond to help the staff at BCE. She puts together the most amazing breakfasts, lunches and other events to make us feel appreciated and special. If we as a staff need anything, we know we can always count on her to get it done and make it happen. We appreciate all she does for us especially this year. 



Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Emily Bien, Campus Permanent Substitute
Emily joined our staff this year as our long-term sub, and she has already become indispensable. She is so hard-working! She anticipates everyone’s needs and literally rushes to meet them. She always goes above and beyond her job responsibilities. When she is not subbing in the classroom, she is making copies, laminating and putting together packets for remote learners so teachers can go home at the end of the day to enjoy their families. During the holidays, she was our elf, constantly working to prepare staff appreciation gifts. Finally, and most importantly, Emily is kind. She handles difficult situations with wisdom and patience. She radiates good will and respect to everyone she meets. She is an excellent ambassador for Eanes ISD.

Colleen Daly, Special Education TA
A Westlake graduate herself, Colleen Daly has spent years giving back to the community she came from. This year has been very challenging for our paraprofessionals. At multiple points throughout the year, Miss Daly's lead teachers and supports were forced to go remote, leaving her to lead the ship in building. Not once did she complain. In fact, the only negative thing she had to say about the situation was that she wished she could help even more! Colleen is also incredibly trustworthy. We have total faith that if she is with a student, she is putting the correct plan into place and always has a growth mindset if she is unsure of something. Miss Daly is a huge asset to Barton Creek and an incredible ally for the students! 

Mary Hagler, Principal’s Secretary/Registrar
Mary Hagler goes above and beyond her job duties each and every day. She has an amazing capacity to meet new challenges. Last March we weren’t able to host Kindergarten Round-Up, where everyone pitches in to answer parent questions and make copies of proof-of-residency and immunization documents. Mary had to do this by herself, from home, coordinated via email, and she did it brilliantly. Furthermore, she is typically the first impression of BCE for new families. She absolutely never fails to demonstrate kindness, patience, integrity, level headedness, and joy. She has managed this very challenging year with such grace. She lights up the office with her positive energy and contagious laugh. She represents our school and EISD with distinction.

Yolanda Ramirez-Portillo, Head Custodian
As head custodian, Yolanda takes her job very seriously. She goes above and beyond to make sure that Barton Creek Elementary is clean so that the staff and students are entering a very clean and healthy school! Her attention to detail is unmatched! Yolanda is so eager to please everyone and she has been a great asset since the day that she joined our team.

Ashley Ryan, First-Grade Teacher & Team Leader
Mrs. Ryan is an incredible, influential, uplifting and positive educator! Throughout this year, she has been a dedicated teacher, team leader, mentor and friend! As a teacher, Mrs. Ryan goes above and beyond for her students. Always engaging them in fun and exciting lessons, while encouraging them to be the best they can be! As a team leader, she has ensured that our team is organized and ready to tackle each week ahead. As a mentor, she has shared all of her knowledge and guidance with her first-year newbies to allow us to grow into successful teachers! As a friend, she is someone that we can rely on, gives the best advice as well as lots of laughs! Mrs. Ryan has made a huge impact on our first-year as teachers. We are so very thankful and blessed to have her as a pillar of support! Veteran educators like Mrs. Ryan make Eanes ISD a better place!  

Patia Sandifer, Special Education TA
Throughout the pandemic and bringing students back to school, Patia Sandifer has come to BCE every day to work with students and was always willing to be flexible and lend a helping hand. When one of Patia's students had to remain away from peers due to health concerns, she did not allow this to be a limitation on the student's school experience. Every day, she zoomed her into her class' morning meeting so she could stay connected to her peers. For recess, instead of taking an easy option, Patia took it upon herself to go the extra mile and create a personal bowling lane for the student so she would still have fun activities to go. Patia works hard every day for her students and does not let anything stop her from doing her best. Her hard work and genuine love of her kids is so appreciated and it pays off in the smiles of her students!  

Marilyn Sansom, School Nurse
Marilyn has gone above and beyond as our school nurse this year. She has stepped into the role of COVID-19 screener, contact tracer and quarantine manager on top of her normal duties. She has handled anxiety- inducing situations with grace and compassion and her care for the students of BCE has never been more apparent. Marilyn has spent many late nights at school, making contact tracing phone calls to families to ensure they had needed information prior to the start of the school day. She treats any child or staff member she sees in her clinic with love and kindness and we know we are in good hands with Marilyn. She is our hero. 

Sarah Sansom, Long-Term Substitute
Sarah has been an asset to our campus this year as a long-term substitute. She steps in whenever and wherever she is needed. She takes initiative to go above and beyond what needs to be done. She is clever, creative and hardworking. She is able to adapt to any situation, and her kind and empathetic character creates a safe, calming space for both students and staff. BCE would not have made it through this crazy school year without her!  



Those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc.

Lauren Thapa, Special Education Teacher
Lauren Thapa consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty for her students and her fellow staff members. She is always offering to do things to help everyone and make things more efficient. Lauren has done an excellent job of integrating the Solid Roots behavior system into our campus and the impact of this system, and her hard work, on our students has been hugely positive. She is always willing to make materials, observe students, cover for staff who are absent or need a minute to regroup and anything else the BCE community needs. Mrs. Thapa always has a positive attitude and a constructive approach to student learning. She has made an extraordinary impact on the kids and we are so thankful to have her with us at Barton Creek Elementary!