Eanes ISD

Barton Creek ES EANESpiration Winners, 2018

BCE Eanespiration Winners 2018

Left to Right. Lindsay Davis, Andrea Hughes, Dawn Shakespeare, Lisa Taylor, Sarah Sansom, Laya Sharma, Principal Tiffany Phelps, Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard

Educational Impact Awards

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.


Ms. Lindsay Davis
If you ever wanted to know the impact a teacher's assistant can have on students, you need not look further than Ms. Lindsey Davis. Her ability to connect and communicate with students is unmatched and her impact unsurpassed. Ms. Davis handles stressful situations professionally, positively, and with a smile that is quickly reflected back to her by her students. The bond she has formed with the students she works with is directly correlated with the growth they have shown over the past two years. We are incredibly lucky to have her in our BCE and Eanes family. Ms. Davis is an EANESpiration to us all!

Ms. Andrea Hughes
Ms. Hughes is a valued member of our BCE community. She has changed the lives of our students by helping them communicate with others. She is creative in her approach to working with each individual child and meeting their specific needs. Recently, she brought in a microphone to use when working with a student in class to encourage a positive speech session. Also, we have a coffee cart on our campus that is serviced by our life skills students. Ms. Hughes was able to find an iPad app called Go Talk, and created a way for the students to greet and take coffee orders from staff. Ms. Hughes, has also been a wonderful resource and teammate! Every time she enters the room it lights up!

Ms. Dawn Shakespeare
Ms. Shakespeare goes above and beyond for her students. She is flexible with her scheduling with students so they can attend groups with the counselors. She listens to teachers concerns and observes the students in their classroom to provide suggestions or give her professional advice. Ms. Shakespeare is patient with the most challenging students and situations. Her professionalism with staff and parents speaks volumes and sets a wonderful example to those around her. She makes a positive impact on all who work with her.

Ms. Lisa Taylor
Ms. Lisa Taylor is deserving of the Educational Impact Award because she expertly cultivates the growth of her students, her colleagues and herself as a master teacher. In this year alone, Ms. Taylor has served as a Mentor Teacher to a new teacher, a Modified Language Arts Teacher, a Wilson Specialized Reading Instructor, Special Education Team Leader, and has done all this while working on her next level Wilson Certification. Ms. Taylor's students know how much she cares about them and this is clear in the consistent progress her students make each year they spend time in her class. She is a positive person and a role model to her students. We are incredibly lucky to have her at Barton Creek Elementary and Eanes ISD. Ms. Lisa Taylor is an EANESpiration.



Heroes Award

Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.


Ms. Sarah Sansom
There is no such thing as a slow day for Ms. Sarah Sansom. While her position calls for her to fill in for a teacher when they are absent, she does far more than that. Simply put, Ms. Sansom is a lifesaver and it is likely every member of the staff has a story about how she has helped them in a time of need. When not in the classroom, she keeps a list open to all teachers where they can request her assistance with any number of helpful tasks. She is constantly active throughout the school and is working on something helpful to our students and staff 100% of the time. Ms. Sansom is hard work incarnate and an EANESpiration.


Ms. Laya Sharma
Ms. Sharma played a huge role in helping get the BCE Barista's up and going by meeting with staff, other parents, and myself in planning this amazing perk. She continues to support us by helping us get our supplies and doing everything she can do make our days better. Ms. Sharma is one of our school's hardest working booster club members and always willing to help and support our students and school the best she can. She always has a smile on her face and is a joy to talk to every day! It's amazing what a cup of coffee and a smile can do to brighten up your day!