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Eanes ISD

Hill Country MS EANESpiration Winners, 2019

HCMS EANESpiration Winners

Left to Right. Back Row: Octovio Espino, Thomas Perez, Adriana Mojica-Anselmo, Martha Perea Huerta, Pablo Velasquez, Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard. Front Row: Emily Jabali, Margarita Garcia, Brenda Mosher, Principal Kathleen Sullivan, Gomathi Srinivasa, Melissa New, Karen Krog, Lydia Deats, Heather Schubert, and Katy Bratton. Not pictured: Kelly Ballengee.

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Brenda Mosher, English Teacher
Brenda noticed that our many signs around the hallways were outdated and not aesthetically pleasing. Brenda sponsored a school-wide contest to have students design a poster centered on kindness and positivity. After receiving numerous entries, Brenda worked with students on modifications then printed them. In addition to that - she cleaned and updated frames all around the campus with these beautiful new posters.  Our school now has cheery, uplifting messages, showcasing our students’ creative abilities with our theme of Kindness on display!  Our kids see it and have ownership and pride in the school.  She is the epitome of a leader. 

Ms. Melissa New, English Teacher and Ms. Heather Schubert, Librarian 
Melissa & Heather found a need within the 8th-grade students to form a Lunch Bunch Book Club for students who love to read. They organized the group and take their lunchtime once a week to meet with students to discuss the chosen book. Melissa and Heather allow students the freedom to choose books so they have ownership of the group and make the students comfortable to discuss some topics that may not be covered in an everyday English class. The two also organized a movie watching party so the group could discuss the differences in the book and movie. This group is valuable to the 8th-grade members in that they have found a place in which they belong, and some students have expressed their hope that a Book Club exists for them in 9th grade. It has made a difference to many of them.


Good Samaritan 

One who displays compassion, selflessness, or courage by taking initiative. 

Ms. Gomathi Srinivasan, Volunteer
Ms. Srinivasan volunteers countless hours in libraries across our district.  She is at the HCMS Library nearly every day, processing new books, repairing books, shelving, and checking books in and out.   She is selfless with her time and talents.  She brightens the library the second she steps into the space!  Ms. Srinivasan is a grandmother of two Eanes ISD students and continues to volunteer at their schools, even after they transition to the next level.  She is kind, so sweet, and an absolute joy to be around.  She is extremely modest and will probably hate the attention for this award but she deserves to be recognized because she is amazing!


Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Kelly Ballengee, School Secretary & Registrar
Twice this year Kelly has done the job of two people, both of which are difficult to do for one person alone. Kelly transferred positions from registrar to principal's secretary this year and ended up doing both jobs because we could not find a registrar. With grace and patience, Kelly worked on the master schedule, enrolled new students, and dealt with Skyward issues. She also organized our new teachers, August work days, and purchase orders. Again, in the Spring semester, we found ourselves without a registrar, so Kelly picked up that job again, just in time for us to register our current students in classes for next year and began filling out the master schedule.  She dealt with attendance, grades, and posting of reports. She did all this while she maintaining her duties as secretary: meeting deadlines for budget spending, organizing events at school, and taking care of her teachers. Kelly has done this all year without a complaint, and this school would not be functioning as well as it does if not for Kelly's positive attitude in working two jobs!

Ms. Katy Bratton, Choir Teacher
This year, Katy organized the Middle School All-Region Tryouts that HCMS hosted. She had to plan for more than 600 choir students and their directors from several different middle schools, judges, and volunteers to make the tryouts a success. She made HCMS (and Eanes) look GREAT! She organized and directed all of this with enthusiasm, grace, and patience. 

Besides that huge achievement this year, Katy also collaborates with her choir partner, band and orchestra directors to provide wonderful performances for the entire school to enjoy. She lifts students up to maximize their full potential and pushes them to try out for solos, All-Region and to write their own pieces. When students struggle, she counsels and positively motivates them to make corrections for future success. She listens to their suggestions in building choir performances so they feel a part of the program.

Katy leads with her heart and inspires students to do the same and this inspires her faculty members to model her positive outlook!

Ms. Emily Jabali, Spanish Teacher
Emily Jabali is incredibly supportive, encouraging, and considerate.  She stepped in to help a colleague and was amazing, dependable and willing to help in any way she could. She coordinated lesson plans, helped with making copies, grading, and making sure the substitute had everything ready. She helped students understand the situation and encouraged them to be positive in the class and for their teacher's situation. She has gone above what is required of her position to ensure not only the success of the 8th-grade student body but Hill Country’s success as well. She is a true hero! 

Ms. Karen Krog & Ms. Lydia Deats, LSSP's
Both Lydia and Karen have been amazing this year with all of our referrals, risk assessments, re-evaluations and working with all of our special education students. These wonderful ladies work with parents in a professional manner and always have the student’s best interest at heart; even if that means having a difficult conversation with the parents.

In addition to all of the work they have done with our special education population, they have worked tirelessly writing reports and always have a smile on their faces. They have been a joy to work with and we know that our students are in good hands with Karen and Lydia.

HCMS Custodial Staff: Adriana Mojica-Anselmo, Thomas Perez, Pablo Velasquez, Octovio Espino, Margarita Garcia, Martha Perea Huerta 
Each day the whole crew does an amazing job of restoring the building to its start-of-the-day beauty, but beyond that, each person does more than is asked daily. Adriana has the most positive spirit and is always willing to jump in and help when needed. She tells everyone hello and checks in to see if there's anything anyone needs. Pablo is so kind and friendly with the entire staff and student body. When he is in the cafeteria, he talks with the students and has built healthy relationships. The students know he will always help them. Thomas is quick with a friendly hello, and he steps in when he sees that someone needs help. Martha has such a beautiful attitude about being in the hall with the students. They have grown to love her and value her as a part of our team. She takes such pride in what she does - she will move every item in a room and put it back just to make sure everything is beautiful in the room. If she knows someone is learning Spanish, she is eager to help them learn. Margarita is always quick with a compliment or a kind word in the halls. Her positive attitude is contagious and you can always tell she has been in the halls because the students are happy and smiling. Octavio is kindhearted and willing to help anyone in need. He always asks his teachers how they are, what they are doing, and if everything is okay with them. He really shows care and concern for the people he is with, and this is evident by his actions of kindness and hard work. We are so lucky to have this amazing group of co-workers at Hill Country!