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Eanes ISD

Bridge Point ES EANESpiration Winners, 2019

2019 BPE EANESpiration Winners

Left to Right. Back Row: Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard, Amy Williams, Amanda Downey, Ann Root. Front Row: Natalie Smith, Rachel Steinberg. Not pictured: Kelly DeWitt

Educational Impact 

Those who display leadership and commitment to the district by making a positive, noticeable and significant impact.

Ms. Natalie Smith, Art Teacher
Ms. Smith goes out of her way to make students feel successful in Art. This year, students visited the Blanton Art Museum to draw inspiration and then created beautiful landscape drawings. Ms. Smith also collaborated with the 4th-grade social studies teachers for their Texas History Unit, where students were able to utilize information from social studies class for their artwork in addition to all of the information they learned at the Blanton. 

Regardless of the art activity, Ms. Smith approaches each class with a wonderful and creative attitude. She differentiates the activities and allows students with all abilities and strengths to develop their skills in Art. Ms. Smith is an important part of the Bridge Point community. The hallways around the school are alive with student artwork. She is an advocate for the arts and all students and we are incredibly proud of all she does!



Those who perform an outstanding achievement that brings prestige to Eanes ISD, or do something that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Ms. Amanda Downey, Campus Secretary
Mrs. Downey not only works hard to help make the office run smoothly, but she is truly the glue that keeps our school together! She always stops what she is doing to give her time and help with WHATEVER teachers need. Staff appreciate her hard work and compassion to make time for all the fix-its around the school. Specifically, she immediately drops what she is doing and helps us: fix the laminator right then and there--she gets up from her desk to go and fix it, calling in copy machine problems, making sure the AC in classrooms is working, and she takes time to log in and make sure our students know how to get home the right way any time we have dismissal changes.  

She really just helps the school to run smoothly, and even though she is super busy and has so much to do for her own job, she always takes care of us! 

Ms. Ann Root, Volunteer
Ms. Root retired several years ago but has selflessly agreed to a return to sub for a colleague in a time of need. She was able to seamlessly implement and teach the curriculum without hesitation. Her nomination reads, “My students benefited from her expert understanding and passion for the material she taught. I was able to rest well and feel confident that the finest teaching and care was shown to each one of my students.”

Ms. Root participated in field-trips, open house preparation and hosting the various festivities and meetings -- way beyond what a typical sub would expect to do. She communicated with parents and chaperones and was able to plan lessons independently.

We know it was a sacrifice for her and her family to sub for such an extended time so we are incredibly grateful. She is a true Hero!

Ms. Rachel Steinberg, Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Steinberg goes above and beyond for staff and students every day. She is quick to volunteer to complete any task, regardless of how many things she already has on her plate. Aside from the day-to-day teaching duties, she remains involved in other committees at BPE that help make our school a better place. Even on the most challenging days, she has a constant smile on her face. 

At the beginning of each block, she greets every child at her door as they walk in. Ms. Steinberg is kind, dependable, compassionate, and a pleasure to work with. She was an amazing leader of the Sunshine Committee this year. Not only did she organize and plan our holiday party, but she took the initiative in organizing turkey bowling and the Secret Cupid gift exchange. She encouraged camaraderie among the staff to create a positive school climate. Ms. Steinberg has a smile on her face no matter what she does to eagerly serve the staff community.

Ms. Amy Williams, Instructional Partner
Ms. Williams is new to our campus and district and has been such an incredible asset. She comes to work every day with so much energy and enthusiasm. From the moment she joined our school, she has hit the ground running. She is at work each morning before most people are even awake, answer questions, supports, and learns with our staff. 

Ms. Williams has re-vamped our staff meetings to support our efforts to grow as a professional learning community. She has very high standards for our staff and their educational practices and gently, yet enthusiastically, supports everyone she works with to meet those standards. She brought book studies to both our parents and our staff to build community and provide a unique opportunity to learn and grow together. Not only is she there to help with curriculum questions, but she’s been there to help us problem solve with student issues too! 

We have been able to create better learning environments for our students with Amy’s help.  Ms. Williams is most definitely a Hero for BPE and Eanes ISD and we are so fortunate to have her and her amazing energy at our school!


Innovation Award

Those who implement a creative or innovative program, teaching method, cost-savings, etc.

Ms. Kelly Dewitt, Special Education Teacher
Ms. Dewitt has created the most amazing systems for her students with special needs. For her Kinder and 1st grade students, she created a "Task Cart" that helps the students learn keywords. Every day the students visit the cart and learn how to follow a schedule. In every room she works in, she adapts the environment to meet the needs of her students. 

Ms. Dewitt collaborates with teachers to ensure activities are adapted so all students can feel successful. She created visual reminders and systems for her students so they can begin to make friends and feel a part of the community. 

Ms. Dewitt is inspiring everyone she works with - she is a great team player and always puts students first. She collaborates with other team members to develop an inclusive program that includes general education and special education students playing together in the gym. This allows for other staff members to have a planning period. She is truly a bridge from general education to special education in creating an inclusive environment for all. She always sees the positive and focuses on the win of the day!!