Eanes ISD

EANESpiration Awards

EANESpiration is a peer recognition award based on a special effort or exceptional act that clearly exceeds his or her job responsibilities and is potentially inspirational to others.

2020 EANESpiration Awards

Valley View ES

Winners: Nancy Abell, Mila Alltone, Cristina Anguiano, Julie Cimino, Da Delano, Laura Dillard, Kathy Farshler, Houston Ford, Jessica Haney, Kathy Hatch, Molly Lococo, Mike Martin, Emily Minner, Victoria Owens, Stephani Reed, Christa Riddington, Ryan Sanderson, Holly Soape, Janelle Staff and Danette Woods.

Westlake HS

Winners: Melinda Darrow, Christie Ford, Shannon Haddon, Luis Orosco, Victor Reyes, Jenna Scott, Ed Snouffer, Valerie Taylor