Eanes ISD

EANESpiration Awards

EANESpiration is a peer recognition award based on a special effort or exceptional act that clearly exceeds his or her job responsibilities and is potentially inspirational to others.

2021 EANESpiration Awards

Barton Creek ES

Winners: Emily Bien, Colleen Daly, Eddie Dauernheim, Debbie Dufour, Mary Hagler, Christie Isom, Caroline Kelner, Peggy McDonell, Yolanda Ramirez-Portillo, Ashley Ryan, Patia Sandifer, Marilyn Sansom, Sarah Sansom, Lauren Thapa and Monica Vera.

Hill Country MS

Winners: Aimee Babbs, LaDonna Cook, Meg Davidson, David Kuhns, Brittaney Morrison, Cynthia Peterson, Gregg and Michelle Philipson, Jessica Weisinger, Kate Whitsitt and Wendy Wilbanks. 

Westlake HS

Winners: Laura Avery, Lorenzo Barbosa, Cindy Blaydon, Katie Bryant, Cathy Cluck, Diane Dealy, Garrick Gonzales, Lindsay Joe, Jay Kamm, Lisa Lawrence, Alison Leifeste, Jami Lewis, Caleb Phillips and Casey Suchko.