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Eanes ISD

EANESpiration Awards

EANESpiration is a peer recognition award based on a special effort or exceptional act that clearly exceeds his or her job responsibilities and is potentially inspirational to others.

2022 EANESpiration Awards

West Ridge MS

Winners: John Arellano, Hayley Bell, Andrew Graeber, Jazmine Keeton, Mason Neal, Kathleen Parks, Veronica Perez Ramos, Sarah Strittmatter and Lillian Wing.

Westlake HS

Winners: Carmine Castaldo, David Chandler, Hollie Descheneaux, Joy Eickhoff, Cadie Evans, Christy Hagenau, Rebekah Harrell, Judith Kimler, Alexandria Means, Solange Medina, Nancy Misage, Laura Potter, Gary Stein and Jason Van Meter.