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Eanes ISD

Bus Rules

In order to provide safe and efficient transportation, bus drivers need the help and cooperation of students and parents.

  1. Students will remain seated in assigned seats with bottoms on seat facing forward;
  2. Keep head, hands, feet and objects inside bus and out of aisles;
  3. Talk quietly;
  4. No food or drink is allowed on the bus with the exception of water;
  5. Cooperate with the driver
  6. No guest riders
  7. Parents of Kinder and 1st grade students must be present at bus stop unless they opt out. Email to opt out.


Bus Discipline Procedures

Disciplinary procedures are intended to address rule violations early with mild disciplinary actions first, then progress to written warning that involve parents.

First Offense:

Verbal warning

Second Offense:

Student Behavior Report is sent home and must be returned with Parent/Guardian signature

Continued Offenses:

Referral Form will be filled out and turned into the student's campus administrators for further action. If the behavior continues it may result in suspension of bus riding privileges.