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Eanes ISD

Bus Routes

Eanes ISD uses Transfinder to map out bus routes. Use the bus routes button to find your route.

Walk-to-Stop Guidelines
Walk-to-Stop Guidelines are critical to minimizing student ride times and punctual arrival to campuses. Walk-to-Stop is the maximum distance students walk to a bus stop, when it is safe to do so. The guidelines for Eanes ISD are 500 feet for elementary and 2,500 feet for secondary. This is very important in route and transportation planning as it minimizes the number of stops, which equates to more efficient routes.

Questions, comments, or if you are have trouble finding a route, please email the Transportation Department at


How to Read Bus Routes

Elementary buses use animal names while middle and high schools use trip/route numbers. The trip/route number is different from the bus number. The buses are regularly switched out, so it is important to look for the trip number located in the window to the left of the door to make sure you are getting on the correct bus.

Transfinder Routes