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Eanes ISD
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Background:  Eanes ISD is recognized as a national leader in educational programming.  The District's instructional practices, technology integration and variety of course offerings are exemplary in K-12 public schools.  Meeting each students' needs is a primary goal of Eanes ISD.  A comprehensive curriculum and a variety of enrichment opportunities are offered to EISD students, including proudly serving as a 1:1 mobile device district since 2012. 

Through the 1:1 program, students in grades K-12, are provided with an Apple iPad, educational apps, and fully integrated keyboard case.  Students utilize the iPads to access digital textbooks and resources to support their learning. Relying on age-appropriate resources, profile restrictions, and filtered internet content, the district maintains a multi-layered filtering system to prevent students from accessing inappropriate or malicious web content.  Additional information about the district's web filtering systems can be found under the grade level specific information.  

Thoughtful Use of Technology:  Eanes ISD believes technology is the intentional, purposeful integration of developmentally appropriate digital tools, materials, and knowledge used to enhance student engagement and learning for everyone in our academic community.  We believe technology enhances opportunities for differentiation, creation, collaboration, critical thinking, and digital citizenship.

Elementary (Grades K-5)

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

High School (Grades 9-12)