Eanes ISD

Parent Working Group

Working Group Purpose

The Sped Parent Working Group (SPWG) has 3 functions: 1) to receive and share information from the special education department with campus parent communities; 2) to provide stakeholder input regarding special education in Eanes ISD; and 3) to partner with the special education department in parent-led activities and outreach to campus parent communities. The SPWG is intended to be an active working group serving in an advisory role, acting as one of several conduits between the parent community and special education administration, and collaborating with the special education department on parent-led initiatives.

Working Group Composition

The working group consists of approximately 12 parents of students receiving special education services in Eanes ISD. It is important that the committee reflect the diversity of EISD’s special education population in terms of campus, disability, and instructional setting. Parents may apply for committee membership; the Executive Director of Special Education will determine the final make-up based on the factors above.

The Executive Director of Special Education and the Transition Specialist/Family Liaison serve as standing district representatives on the working group. Other professionals may be brought in for topic-specific discussions. The parent representatives may serve for a two-year term on the working group unless there are extenuating circumstances as determined by the Executive Director of Special Education.


Meeting Minutes

2019-20 Parent Working Group Members

Shelly Corrigan
Campus Liaison - BCE, WRMS

Erika De la Pena
Campus Liaison - BPE

Andrea Friesenhahn
Campus Liaison - CCE

David Garcia
Campus Liaison - VVE

Priya Jai
Campus Liaison - WRMS

Jessica Jones
Campus Liaison - CCE

Fariba Kerendi
Campus Liaison - WHS

Mara Laviola
Campus Liaison - FTE

Cecelia Stewart
Campus Liaison - WHS

Kandy Toles
Campus Liaison - HCMS

Catherine Walker
Campus Liaison - EE