Eanes ISD

Symposium 2015

A Special Education Symposium was held on November 5, 2015. The purpose of the Symposium was to allow parents an opportunity to provide input and rate progress on items they had identified as important from the November 2013 Symposium.

We had approximately 28 parents in attendance, and we received 23 completed Parent Input Worksheets. The breakdown is as follows:

K-2: 3
3-5: 3
MS: 7
WHS: 9

At the time of the Symposium, we had approximately 670 students in special education.

The event was broken into different activities. Each parent was provided a Parent Input Worksheet. They were asked to answer 31 statements with Yes, No, and N/A. They were also asked to select statements that were most important to them. In addition, they were asked to provide qualitative information for certain statements they selected. Following this activity, they placed their most important statements on chart paper. Then, all parents were given dots to vote for statements.

The documents are linked below:

  1. The Parent Input Worksheet
  2. The raw data from the statements - The worksheet had Yes, No, and NA. Other categories were added based on answers parents included. The number people of people who selected a question as important is also included in the aggregated data.
  3. A summary of the chart statements - The statements from each category that received the most votes were included on this document with the number of votes each statement received indicated with an “x”number.