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Eanes ISD

Reports from Private Evaluators

Parents often utilize private providers for services such as therapy or evaluation. Eanes ISD welcomes informed input from qualified individuals that will help us serve your child. We value collaboration and open communication with outside providers.

EISD will consider any private evaluation provided by the parent when discussing needs, services or placement. There are certain criteria that add strength to a report provided by a private provider, and more weight may be given to reports that satisfy the criteria listed below:

  1. Prior to obtaining an evaluation, the parent has provided written consent for the evaluator to speak to school staff and obtain educational records from the District. In addition, the parent consents for the District to discuss the report with the professional who wrote the report.
  2. The entire report is provided to the District.
  3. The signature, name contact information and credentials of the professional who wrote the report are provided.
  4. The credentials of the professional who conducted the evaluation are the same as the credentials the district would require of its staff conducting the same type of evaluation.
  5. The report indicates how much time the professional spent directly with the child and in what location.
  6. The report identifies and explains the results of any formal testing that was completed. Any formal testing used only technically sound test instruments that are valid and reliable, that are used for the purpose intended and are administered in accordance with any instructions provided in the administration manual. Any standardized testing was conducted using the most current version of the instrument in accordance, and one that is appropriate for the age of the student.
  7. The report identifies all sources of information the professional relied upon in developing the report.
  8. The report identifies what school records and school personnel the professional considered and/or consulted with in developing the report.

Note: Eanes ISD will consider any outside evaluation; however, the District has discretion about what results, findings or recommendations are incorporated into a student’s program.