Eanes ISD

Inclement Weather/School Closings

We encourage families to make plans in advance for childcare arrangements in case any kind of severe weather closes school during the day. Discuss your family’s plan of action with your children to avoid last minute confusion. In the case of early dismissal, children should know ahead of time if they are to ride the bus, walk home or wait for parent or other arrangements.


In the event of inclement weather, if a decision is made to cancel school, release early, or delay the start of the school day, several methods are used to notify parents, students, and staff. Closing/delay announcements will be made each day as necessary.

Parents: Visit Parent Notifications page for how to update your information.

Staff: Visit Infocenter page for how to update your information

Late Start Procedure (2 Hour Delay)

Late Start procedures will be implemented when there is clear evidence that if the start of the day is delayed approximately 2 hours, it will be safe to transport your child.

All schools will begin exactly 2 hours late. Bus routes will be adjusted, with pick‐up times starting 2 hours later than a regular school day. Child Development Centers at Barton Creek, Cedar Creek and Valley View will start at 9 a.m.

Late Start Times (Appoximate)

School Regular Start Time Delayed Start Time
Barton Creek ES 7:40am 9:40am
Bridge Point ES 7:40am 9:40am
Cedar Creek ES 7:40am 9:40am
Eanes ES 7:35am 9:35am
Forest Trail ES 8:20am 10:20am
Valley View ES 7:40am 9:40am
Hill Country MS 8:35am 10:35am
West Ridge MS 8:35am 10:35am
Westlake HS
(includes TLC)
8:50am 10:50am
Adult Transition Services (ATS) 8:45am 10:45am
(locations: BCE, FTE & VVE)
7:00am 9:00am

Early Dismissal Procedure (2 Hours Early)

In the event of weather conditions deteriorating after school starts, there may be some occasions where it will be necessary to dismiss school two hours early to allow sufficient time for safe transportation of all students. Early dismissal notifications will be sent out as soon as the determination to close early is made.

The Child Development Centers at Barton Creek, Cedar Creek and Valley View will close when the associated campus is dismissed. Easy Care will not operate.

Early Dismissal Times (Approximate)

School Regular Dismissal Time Early Dismissal Time
Barton Creek ES 2:50pm 12:50pm
Bridge Point ES 2:50pm 12:50pm
Cedar Creek ES 2:50pm 12:50pm
Eanes ES 2:45pm 12:45pm
Forest Trail ES 3:30pm 1:30pm
Valley View ES 2:50pm 12:50pm
Hill Country MS 4:00pm 2:00pm
West Ridge MS 4:00pm 2:00pm
Westlake HS
(includes TLC)
4:15pm 2:15pm
Adult Transition Services (ATS) 3:45pm 1:45pm
(locations: BCE, FTE & VVE)
Close at 5:30pm Follow associated
campus’ dismissal
time above
EASY CARE Close at 6pm Will not operate

How Decisions are Made

In times of inclement weather, the Eanes ISD management team led by the Superintendent, uses an established decision-making process to determine if school should be cancelled, delayed, or released early. The safety of your child is at the forefront in the decision-making process. The Superintendent and Safety Director consult with the local Office of Emergency Management, other school districts and local meteorologists before making a decision. The Director of Transportation drives district bus routes and uses a system of district-wide "spotters" to report on road conditions. Maintenance and Operations staff are consulted to determine if facilities are in good working order. Consideration also is given to event schedules, staffing and any special conditions that may affect student safety.