Eanes ISD

Energy Management

Our goal is to have all campus meet EPA Energy Star ratings.

Eanes Elementary, Bridge Point, Forest Trail and West Ridge have been awarded Energy Star plaques.

Conserve Energy

We make every effort to conserve energy throughout the district. Some of the ways we accomplish this is by doing the following:

  • Makie sure windows and doors stay closed,
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room,
  • Report dripping faucets or other leaks,
  • Keep blinds closed with room is unoccupied or during very hot weather.

School Energy Audit Maps

Our biggest opportunity for savings on the utility budget comes from electricity because it makes up over 75% of our utility costs. Studies show about 60% of the electricity consumption comes from heating and cooling while the remaining 40% comes from lighting and plug load. As the use of technology in the classroom increases, we are starting to factor the number of devices and power required for those devices when determining where we can gain efficiency.

Average Distribution of Spending by Type of Utility

Utility Chart

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