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Eanes ISD

Teacher Certification

Not certified but want to teach? Please review these frequently asked questions about obtaining teacher certification. 

Do I have to be certified to teach?
In Texas, all K-12 public school teachers must hold a valid Texas teaching certificate. Learn more about becoming a certified teacher.

How do I become teacher certified in Texas?
In Texas, there are two routes to certification. The first is to obtain certification while completing your Bachelor’s Degree. The second is through alternative certification. To learn more about becoming a Texas teacher visit the TEA website.

What is alternative certification?
Individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree, but do not hold a teaching certificate, can become teacher certified by completing an alternative certification program. View list of state approved alternative certification programs.

Does Eanes ISD hire alternative certification teacher candidates?
Yes! Those enrolled in Alternative Certification are eligible to apply for teaching positions.

I am a fully certified teacher in another state. Can I “transfer” my certification to Texas?
Yes. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides detailed instructions outlining the out of state certification process. In general, TEA requires you to apply for a “review of credentials”. Upon completion of the review, TEA will grant you permission to take the appropriate content exam required for Texas certification.

If you know you are moving to Texas, we encourage you to start the out of state certification process now as the review of credentials can take 6-8 weeks. 


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