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Eanes ISD


EISD Health Services strives to establish a comprehensive school health program in a way that:

  • provides appropriate health care services and/or consultation as needed
  • promotes health and wellness activities in the school environment
  • provides health education
  • evaluates and monitors compliance with health care guidelines

Health is recognized not exclusively as the absence of illness or disease, but as the most desirable level of physiological, psychological, social and emotional well-being. All students have the right to learn how health may better be achieved.

It is recognized that parents are primarily responsible for the health care of their children. We believe in the holistic student, affirmed as having inalienable rights, intrinsic value, dignity, and responsibility. The student is accepted without judgment in terms of biological, socioeconomic, political, cultural, religious, and emotional complexities.

School nursing is acknowledged as a distinct specialty within the helping profession of nursing. School nurses are direct care providers, consultants, educators, student advocates, and liaisons between the student, school, community, and home.

The school health program is a vehicle in the advancement of student, staff, and community health and welfare. The program provides assistance in the discovery and removal of barriers that may be hindrances to student learning.

A major principle of education is the achievement and maintenance of health. The school is an avenue through which meaningful preventive health measures may be initiated. The school setting has a unique advantage in:

  • the promotion of health education;
  • the development of positive, healthful attitudes;
  • the maintenance of an environment conducive to optimal health, growth, and learning;
  • meeting the needs of students and personnel.