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Eanes ISD

Concussion Protocol

Concussion Protocol

A concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI), is caused by a force applied directly or indirectly to the skull that results in the rapid acceleration and/or deceleration of the brain. This sudden change in cerebral velocity creates the mechanism of injury that leads to altered neurological functioning, commonly associated with a concussion. 

The Eanes ISD Concussion Management Policy is designed to streamline the safe, effective, and objective management of all concussions sustained by student-athletes, regardless if the concussion occurred as a result of sports participation. By following this protocol, Eanes ISD aims to provide a standardized method of managing concussions in order to prioritize student-athlete healthcare, ensure a safe return-to-play, and to support the student-athlete in their academic pursuits, while also recognizing that each concussion, as well as each student-athlete, is unique and individualized in nature. By managing concussions individually, and considering each athlete’s medical history, it allows the supervising physician and athletic trainer to ensure the safety and well-being of each student athlete while they are participating in athletics in Eanes ISD.

Through continually evaluating concussion management best practice, Eanes ISD aims to prioritize the health, safety, and welfare of its student-athletes. In addition, this protocol complies with HB 2038, the UIL’s concussion management protocol, and TEC Section 38.153.

Student & Family Expectations

If your student has been evaluated for a MTBI by an Eanes ISD allied healthcare professional and is believed to have sustained a concussion, please read the following information to learn (1) how to best navigate the Eanes ISD Concussion Protocol and (2) how to best support your student in their recovery.

  • Your student must see a neurologist or physician trained in concussion management (not a pediatrician). EISD will not accept medical clearance from an emergency room or urgent care facility. The athletic training staff can recommend several physicians, neurologists, and therapists who routinely provide excellent care to our students.
  • Please bring the Concussion Protocol Packet to your physician appointment in order for the physician to complete the necessary forms.
  • If your student misses school as a result of their concussion, please email your school's attendance office and include a school excuse note from the treating physician. (WHS:; WRMS:; HCMS:
  • It is important for students to focus primarily on their academics throughout the return-to-play process. Students must be cleared to progress to full days of school and show adequate progress on their academic workload before they will be allowed to return to athletics participation.
  • Students are expected to check in with the athletic training staff on a daily basis upon arriving at school. Report times and expectations will change throughout the recovery process, so it is important for the student to see the athletic trainer daily and as instructed.
  • Students are also expected to communicate with their coaches on a daily basis to discuss expectations during their recovery process. Attendance of typically mandatory practices, competitions, and conditioning / weight room sessions will be made at the discretion of the athletic training staff and coaching staffs.
  • If your student experiences a prolonged recovery from their concussion we require you to follow up with the treating physician at minimum every four weeks. This is required in order to re-evaluate your child’s concussion care plan and to update/maintain their academic supports.

Eanes ISD Allied Health Care Professionals

All physicals, concussion management and general health questions be directed to

(512) 732-9280 x33916

You may also reach out the the nurse on your child's campus: School Nurse Contacts