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Eanes ISD

Concussion Protocol

Concussion Protocol

In the event a student has been evaluated for a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) and is believed to have sustained a concussion, the following includes information about the EISD Concussion Protocol and the expectations of staff, students, and parents/guardians.

Please note the following Care Plan information:

  • If EISD allied health care professionals, such as an athletic trainer or registered nurse, have evaluated your child and believe they may have suffered a concussion, your child must see a physician that regularly evaluates MTBI patients in Texas. Our physician recommendations include your general medical doctor, pediatrician, or neurologist. No athlete will be permitted to return to athletics until a physician has evaluated and medically cleared them – this is a UIL rule and detailed in Texas House Bill 2038.
  • EISD will not accept medical clearance from an emergency room or urgent care facility.
  • Please bring the required forms to your physician, they must fill out the “Academic Support” form, entirely, including the physician signature of release or follow up. The student and their parent/guardian must also read, sign, and date the “UIL Concussion Management Protocol Return to Play” and “EISD Concussion Return to Play Protocol” forms.
  • Any absences from school (late arrival, early dismissal, or complete days) must be reported to the attendance office via email (WHS:; WRMS:; HCMS:
  • All guidance counselors and teachers will be notified by the allied health care professional(s) of the student’s diagnosis. Parents are encouraged to reach out to their child's counselor to discuss academic support and progress.
  • Every MTBI is different. Your child will be restricted from athletics participation initially, but will be prescribed therapeutic exercise and dosed academic work as their symptoms allow. It is important to make progress, but to not do more than their symptoms allow.
  • If your child is in an activity that requires a baseline ImPACT (concussion) test they will be asked to take a post-injury test when their symptoms have subsided to their baseline level. This is part of our return to play measurements. This test does not determine the diagnosis of concussion.
  • We require follow up with the treating physician every four weeks if elevated symptoms continue to persist, in order to re-evaluate and update the student’s care plan.


Eanes ISD Allied Health Care Professionals

Cody Watkins, M.Ed, LAT, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
(512) 732-9280 x33916

Colin Drinkard, MS, LAT, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
(512) 732-9280 x33916

You may also reach out the the nurse on your child's campus: School Nurse Contacts


  • UIL Concussion Management Protocol Return to Play Form
    Must be completed by the student-athlete and parent/guardian and submitted to the athletic trainer prior to a full return to athletics.
  • EISD Concussion Return to Play Protocol
    Provides an outline of what is to be expected during the return-to-play progression. Student-athlete and parent/guardian should sign this form, acknowledging their understanding of the protocol.
  • EISD Concussion Return to Play Checklist
    This form is utilized by the WHS athletic trainers to track the student-athlete’s progression through the return-to-play protocol. Prior to a full return to athletics, the student-athlete, parent/guardian, and athletic trainer must sign this document.
  • WHS Concussion Protocol Academic Support Form
    This form must be taken to the physician appointment in order to grant the student-athlete any physician-recommended academic supports to assist with the student-athlete’s recovery. This form is NOT to be filled out by anyone other than a physician.