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Eanes ISD

How to Register

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Name, email address and password
  3. Enter your organization’s name, billing address and liability insurance. 
  4. Read, review and agree to the EISD Facility Use Agreement and Addendum.
  5. Select the Tier level of your organization. Reference the Priority Tiers & Rates for Facility Usage
    • If your group is a Tier 6 - Community Youth Group, you will need to provide a Roster as specified. 

    • If your group is a Tier 8 - Non-Profit (501 (c)(3)), you will need to provide your EIN Number. 
  6. Confirm you are not a robot and press “Continue”. 

After you set yourself up as a Community Member and the Facility Rental Team has confirmed your insurance and Tier Priority, the team will email you instructions on how to submit your schedule requests.


EISD Rental Team

Jerri Ann Yznaga               
(512) 732-9046                

Lisa Groover
(512) 732-9045