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Eanes ISD

Food Guidelines

In response to school districts traditionally hosting bake sales as fund raisers, the Austin Travis County Health Department has revised their initial No Home Prepared Food Guidelines. They will now allow Home Baked Goods, such as cookies, brownies, and cakes that are shelf stable, individually wrapped, and not touched once they get to the event, to be sold. Pies, pie-filling and cakes or cookies made with cheese and/or cream cheese, or savory items like chile, casseroles, and queso are not shelf-stable and are not allowed.

Also, under the “Private Party” rule, (closed event) parents CAN bring in home prepared foods IF the event is a closed event and not open to the public. This is a huge and much desired change for us, but it will be very important that these school events that fall under the “Private Party” rule remember to NOT publicize the event but rather keep it private to their group or members.

Mobile vehicles (food trucks) that have valid City of Austin food service permits to operate within the City of Austin, Travis County and incorporated areas will not need to obtain a Temporary Food Establishment Permit as long as the mobile vehicles operate directly from their vehicles. If a mobile vehicle sets up a tent for food preparation/storage outside of their vehicle they will need to obtain a Temporary Food Establishment Permit.

View the District’s list of Mobile Food Vendors.

The inclusion of a vendor on this list indicates that the vendor has completed the requirements to be approved by Eanes ISD. Eanes ISD does not endorse any product or service associated with or offered by any vendor.