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Eanes ISD

Concession Food Safety

Temporary Food Permits

  • Each person can have ONLY a total 6 Temporary Food Permits, lasting up to 14 days, every year.
  • If you make popcorn for your event, you will need a temporary food permit.
  • If you only serve packaged foods, you DO NOT NEED a temporary food permit.
  • Mobile food vendors (MFV) that have been permitted by the City of Austin can serve CCE, BPE, WHS Annex (Softball Field/Tennis Courts) without a temporary food permit; and those MFV permitted by Travis County can serve WRMS, BCE, HCMS WHS, EE, VVE, FTE), without a temporary food permit.
    • Unless, the vendor sets up a tent for food preparation/storage outside of their trailer.
  • The Health Department is in the process of writing a guideline on how much each incorporated area pays for a permit.Until they tell us the guideline, our permits will be free.
    • City of Austin and contracted Municipalities including Westlake -- $35 per booth/vendor, 1 day
      CCE, BPE, WHS Annex (Softball Field/Tennis Courts) WHS, EE, VVE, FTE
    • Travis County – Free with your organization’s 501c(3) form
  • Operating without a food permit will result in a $500 - $2000 fine and the Department of Health has authorization to shut event down.
  • Must submit at least 10 business days before the event or be charged $98/event.


  • All vendors using propane/butane/wood must be inspected by local fire department.
    • EISD has current list of mobile food vendors that have met the health and fire department requirement.
    • No other mobile food vendors are authorized for EISD unless on the current list.
  • Every booth requiring a food permit is required to have a hand washing station specifically for food workers.


  • The Temporary Health Permit has also been updated.The significant changes are:
    • The health department requires a clear copy of a valid government issued photo ID.
    • Payment when you submit the application.
    • As a reminder, the fourth page of the temporary food permit is to be filled out by your booth operators.

Option to Temporary Food Permit

  • If the event is large enough, you may work through Eanes ISD Child Nutrition.
    • No permit is necessary when you hire one of EISD’s food handlers & they work out of the campus kitchen.
    • Benefit is that Eanes can get many of the food items at a more reduced rate.The cost savings of the food and permit is offset by the hourly cost of a food service employee.
    • EISD Child Nutrition may be willing to run entire concessions operations for their own profit and eliminate additional coordination to event planner.

Reference: City of Austin/Travis County Health Department