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Eanes ISD

Parent Notifications

Eanes ISD uses Skylert Notification Service to send parents information via text, email, phone, or all three.

Families are automatically signed up for notifications but they may change their preferences at any time. While parents may opt out of receiving emergency notifications such as weather emergencies or lockdowns, please note that if you opt out of receiving emergency notifications, you will not be notified via the Skylert system if there is an emergency at your child’s campus.


Setting Your Preferences

Parents are able to edit their settings by logging into Family Access and selecting the Skylert link on the left navigation:

To set options for which notifications you wish to receive, simply check the box in the appropriate category. Uncheck any boxes for any notifications you do not wish to receive. See category descriptions below. You are able to add additional phone numbers, email addresses and/or text message numbers. Make sure you click the save button after you have made any changes.

If you have checked all your settings and you are still not receiving messages from the district, please check your spam folder. If you can't find them in your spam folder, let us know by filling out this form: Skylert Inquiry Form.


Notification Type Description
School Hours Emergency Emergency Notifications sent during school hours; Lockdown, Emergency related early release, etc... View our Standard Response Protocol (SRP).
Attendance Messages sent out when your child is absent from class (N/A for CDC Children)
District General General District Announcements
Non School Hours Emergency Emergency notifications sent before or after school hours; Weather Emergencies causing late-start or closures, etc...
School General Announcements and Weekly Newsletters from your child's school.


To clarify, in the example below, the primary phone number will receive a phone call for school hours emergency and non-school hours emergency notifications only. They will not receive a phone call for Attendance, District General, School General and Survey notifications.

If you have multiple children attending the school district you will need to go into each child's account individually and record your preferences.

Skylert Notification Settings