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Eanes ISD

Staff Accounts

In addition to serving our students, the Child Nutrition Department is happy to serve teachers, staff, administrators, parents, and visitors at all Eanes ISD Cafés daily.

An adult breakfast meal costs $3.75, and an adult standard lunch meal is $5.50. A la carte items are priced accordingly. While all adults have the option to pay for their meals with cash or check at the register, all district employees can set up a lunch meal account and add funds to purchase a meal whenever they want.

LINQ Meal Account Creation Process

Eanes ISD Staff can create a lunch meal account to purchase meals at any Eanes ISD Café. To create an account, contact Kevin Pownall at, and provide him with your first and last name, birthdate, email address, and phone number. He will respond with your 6-digit meal account number.

Furthermore, you can manage your account through the LINQ Connect Portal. First, you will register yourself and then add yourself to your account as STAFF for Eanes ISD using your name and 6-digit meal account number provided to you by Kevin.

From there, you can then login and review transactions from your account. 

Adding Funds To Your Account

To add funds to your account, you can bring cash or check (payable to EISD Child Nutrition) to any café register, or you can add funds online by logging into your LINQ Connect account. 

  1. Log into your LINQ Connect account at
  2. From the LINQ Dashboard you will see an “Announcements” section. Maximize it if it isn’t already by clicking the down arrow.  
  3. Click on the “Click to Pay Now” button and you will be redirected to the EISD webstore. 
  4. Select your campus.
  5. Either log into your existing EISD webstore (Revtrak) account or create a new account. This is different from your LINQ Connect account.
  6. Click "Add New Student Information”. 
  7. Input YOUR LAST NAME and the 6-digit Meal ID # Kevin provided to you. Click on “Add new student”. 
  8. You will now see your name listed under the account with the current balance, as well as, a button that says "Make One-Time Payment" and a button that says, “Low Balance Settings”.  
  9. In the “Low Balance Settings” button you can set up both low balance warnings and Auto-replenishment of account funds. 

Note: Online payments will incur a percentage transaction fee. There is up to a 1-hour processing time required for all online transactions to be reflected in your Lunch Meal account at the register.

EISD Staff Charge Policy

EISD Staff accounts are NOT allowed to go negative at any time. All staff need to either have sufficient funds in their Meal Account, or they need to have cash or check at the time of sale to purchase a meal. The best way to ensure appropriate funds is to set up automatic reloads through the online payment system.