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Eanes ISD

Meal Payment Information

Each student has an individual account, through Family Access, where you can pay for meals and see what your child has purchased.

  • There are three (3) methods to add funds to your student's lunch account:
  • We recommend that payments be made in advance to eliminate your child from having to bring money to school daily.
  • Positive balances are carried over to the following school year.

Charge Policies

Student Charge Policy
A student with a zero or negative balance can still get a full meal. Lunch debts are to be paid in full at the end of school year or when a student is withdrawn - whichever comes first.

Students with a zero or negative balance may not purchase any a la Carte items.

Non-Student and Staff Charge Policy
EISD Staff accounts are NOT allowed to go negative at any time.  All staff need to either have sufficient funds in their meal accounts, or they need to have cash or check at the time of sale to make a purchase from any campus Cafe.  

The best way to ensure appropriate funds is to set up automatic reloads through the online payment system. Directions on How to setup your meal account, manage your meal account online, and add funds online can be accessed through this link: EISD Staff Meal Account Set up, Payments, and Charge Policy.