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Eanes ISD

Meal Payment Information

Each student has an individual account, through Family Access, where you can pay for meals and see what your child has purchased.

  • There are three (3) methods to add funds to your student's lunch account:
  • We recommend that payments be made in advance to eliminate your child from having to bring money to school daily.
  • Positive balances are carried over to the following school year.
    • Refunds may be received by completing a district Request for Refund Form and submitting it to:
      Richard Mallard
      Child Nutrition Department
      601 Camp Craft Road
      Austin, TX 78746

Charge Policy
A student with a zero, or negative, balance can still get a full meal. Lunch debts are to be paid in full at end of school year, or when student is withdrawn - whichever comes first.

Students with a zero or negative balance may not select any a la Carte items.