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Eanes ISD


Menus are planned with the goal of providing a variety of nourishing items at an affordable price.

Elementary School Cafés

Elementary students may select 3 to 5 of the following components to make a lunch: Meat or meat alternate, vegetable, fruit, bread and milk.

To promote healthy choices in the meals, our department does the following:

  • Serve low-fat sliced cheese.
  • Offer skim milk, 1% white milk, non-fat strawberry and non-fat chocolate milk, and organic milk options.
  • Use turkey in such items as ham and hot dogs.
  • Not serve deep-fried items at the elementary schools.
  • Offer fresh fruit daily.
  • Offer fresh vegetable and fruit salad bars as part of every meal.  Elementary students who already purchased a meal can come back for seconds from the salad bar for FREE!
  • Serve primarily whole grain products at the elementary schools.  This includes meal items and any additional snack or a la carte items.

Elementary a La Carte
An "a la carte" item is anything other than or exceeding the 5 meal components. All elementary students have an automatic 2 additional item limit on their account.  This excludes meals and meal components. Elementary students may purchase only 2 extras daily, with adequate funds on their lunch accounts, unless the parent submits an account restriction form to add or remove additional snack or dietary restrictions. You may view the purchases made by your student by accessing their account through Family Access, or by contacting your student's Cafeteria Manager.

We offer many popular branded items, such as Doritos chips, in the café in addition to the meal; however, these items are not the same as the comparable name brand items found in the retail market.  All a la carte items/snacks we offer in our cafés are specifically formulated to meet the strict dietary requirements per the USDA Smart Snack regulations shown below:

  • 200 calories or less
  • 200 mg of sodium or less
  • Less than 35% calories from fat
  • Less than 10% of calories from saturated fats
  • Zero trans fats
  • Less than 35% sugar (by weight)
  • 100% whole grain-rich (for grain based snacks)

If you have any specific questions on any item we offer, please contact our CN Dietitian, Charlotte Hachenberg.

Secondary School Cafés

Secondary Cafés are set up to allow for students to make multiple choices daily. The goal is to have an environment in the Café that feels and works like the dining facilities in a university or higher education institution.  What this translates into is:

  • Offer a wide variety of beverage options daily including water, Tea, Fresh Fruit Smoothies and slushies, fruit & vegetable Juice, sparkling waters, variety of milks, 100% organic and free trade fountain beverage (HS only), variety of coffee products (HS only), 
  • Source local, organic, and fresh produce, meats, and other food products whenever available.
  • Wide Variety of options as part of a combo meal at every station and concept daily
  • "On-trend" foods and menu concepts daily
  • New Menus Daily with seasonal ingredients.
  • Fresh "build-your-own" salad bar in all Secondary Cafés with homemade salad dressings, composed salads, and freshly made, organic, seasonal, and local ingredients
  • Option to purchase Chick-Fil-A 2 days a week at an additional cost at all Secondary Campuses.  These Items are not part of the normal meal and as such, do not qualify for free or reduced prices.

Middle School Meal 
A Middle School Meal consists of Entree choice, side(s) choice, and a choice of 16.9oz bottled water or milk carton.

High School Meal 
A High School Meal consists of Entree choice, side(s) choice, and a choice of 16.9 oz bottled water, 16 oz fountain beverage, or milk carton.

Secondary a la Carte
Any item purchased outside of and in addition to the meal will be charged individually.  Students must have sufficient funds to purchase anything outside of the normal meal.