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Eanes ISD


Menus are planned with the goal of providing a variety of nourishing items at an affordable price.

Students are encouraged to try different foods and to use the cafeteria as a learning laboratory for making nutritious choices. Students may select 3 to 5 of the following components to make a lunch: Meat or meat alternate, vegetable, fruit, bread and milk.

To reduce fat in the meals our department does the following:

  • Serve low-fat sliced cheese.
  • Offer skim milk, 1% white milk, non-fat strawberry and non-fat chocolate milk.
  • Use turkey in such items as ham and hot dogs.
  • Not serve deep-fried items at the elementary and secondary schools.
  • Offer fresh fruit daily.
  • Serve whole wheat hamburger buns, bread and crackers at the elementary schools.
A La Carte

An "a la carte" item is anything other than or exceeding the 5 meal components. Students may purchase as many extras as they wish unless the parent submitted an account restriction form. You may view the purchases made by your student by accessing their account through Family Access, or by contacting your student's Cafeteria Manager.