Eanes ISD

2017-18 Tuition Rates

Important update for 2017-2018: We are now offering a 5% discount to families with siblings in the CDC. The discount will be applied to the siblings with the lowest tuition.

** Registration per year $100.00; Supply Fee per year $200.00

EISD employees: Login to the Intranet for additional information: http://intranet.eanesisd.net

Age (as of Sept 1, 2017)Full Time (5 days/week) Per Month
Infant (6 weeks - 12 months)$1,349
Young Toddler (13 - 18 months)$1,236
Toddler 1 (19 - 23 months)$1,167
Toddler 2 (24 - 35 months)$1,124
Pre School & Pre K (3-5 Years)$1,012

  • Withdrawal - A 30 day notification, in writing, to the Site Specialist is required. Failure to submit a 30 day written notification parents will be obligated to pay the current months tuition.
  • No tuition credits are granted for vacations, absences, or partial months.
  • Teachers and Site Specialists will not and can not accept tuition payments under any circumstances.
  • Payment are due by the first business day of the month.
  • Any questions contact Lisa Groover, lgroover@eanesisd,net