Eanes ISD

Goals & Implementation


  • Create a shared understanding of DEI through racial equity leadership training to build capacity and support sustainability
  • Assess, monitor and work to modify the climate to ensure inclusivity for all staff and students
  • Develop a system of equity-focused restorative justice in support of all learners
  • Engage the broader community in a shared responsibility for DEI
  • Embed, over time, the ongoing importance of DEI in curricula, instructional materials and resources
  • Increase personal growth and learning of trustees, administrators, staff and students to support DEI efforts
  • Align DEI goals and their integration with Board policies, administrative procedures and the Eanes ISD Graduate/Staff Profile (WHEEL)


Implementation Steps

  • Hire a DEI Facilitator/Consultant to lead the work
  • Determine where staff and students are in terms of racial awareness (Needs Assessment)
  • Provide staff development in this area
  • Establish campus-based groups to do the work and keep it going
  • Work with a Community Advisory Group with a variety of stakeholders