Eanes ISD

Background Work

Staff Development around Culturally Responsive Classrooms
June 2019


Culturally Responsive Teaching Team
September 2019

Goals for Culturally Responsive Teaching Team

  • Develop "Culturally Responsive Classrooms" PD opportunities
  • Identify best practices for Culturally Responsive Classrooms and Schools

Linda Rawlings
Alison Soelter - WHS
Staci Hubbard - EE
Alex Merritt - BCE
Julie Carmona - VVE
Kimmy Zaroba - VVE
Valerie Taylor - WHS
Chaundy Satterwhite - WRMS
Jacob Bremmer - HCMS
Elizabeth Compton - WRMS
Robert Lucero - WHS
Mindy Choate - HCMS
Ian Smith - FTE/CCE
Addie McBride - BPE


Meeting of Inclusive Culture Committee Members and other parents, and Culturally Responsive Classrooms Team
December 11, 2019

Culturally Responsive Classrooms Team
Molly May - Chief Student Support Officer

Sarah Chelton
Tracey Beadle
Vrushali Toshniwal
Carolyn Grant
Kelley Roesch
Maggie Suter
Sarah Chelton
Nieves Fernandez
Roopa Shah

Katie Denton
Maya Cidale