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Eanes ISD

Building a Community of Trust Through Developing Racial Awareness

Our primary goal for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is to improve school climate by creating an environment where all of our students feel accepted and welcome.

The purpose of “Building a Community of Trust Through Developing Racial Awareness” is to enhance community, staff, and student racial awareness and to cultivate an environment of understanding our unique similarities and differences. Developing racial awareness is an initial step to deepening understanding of equity and how it can be used to improve access and increase belongingness of all students. While we will focus on enhancing racial awareness initially, our goal is to improve access and increasing belongingness of all students, including those with religious, gender identity, cultural, ability and economic differences. Ultimately, our purpose is to develop a sense of belonging for all members of diverse groups. By taking these direct steps around racial awareness, EISD leaders will learn how to respond within the school district and the community to the direct and recent calls for change coming from various stakeholders.

The primary ways that EISD will be supported are through needs assessments, staff development, working directly with focus/advisory group(s), and serving as a consultant to community/leadership/staff/student meetings. To ensure continuity, consistency, and longevity of our purpose, each campus will create an Equity Team whose purpose will be to guide the work in this area on that campus. The Equity Teams will “carry the work forward” and ensure that the work around racial awareness continues in years to come.