Bond Oversight Committee

Bond Oversight Committee

The Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) is an advisory committee to the Eanes ISD Board of Trustees. Its charge is to:

  1. Monitor the progress of bond projects authorized by Eanes ISD voters on May 4, 2019;
  2. Ensure transparency to enhance public confidence in the use of proceeds from the sale of these bonds;
  3. Provide the Board of Trustees with recommendations for or against any change of scope for the adopt projects; and
  4. Provide regular reports to the Board.

Additionally, the Board may request that the members of the BOC serve as a Bond Advisory Committee to help vet potential projects for a future bond program.

The BOC consists of nine (9) voting members including the Chairperson as well as five (5) alternate members. Alternate members attend all meetings and participate in discussion, but do not vote. In the event that a voting member is unable to complete their duties on the committee, the Chairperson will recommend to the Board that an alternate member be elevated to voting member.

Want to get involved on a district-level committee? Consider applying for the Bond Oversight Committee! The purpose of the BOC is to monitor the progress of bond projects authorized by Eanes ISD voters earlier this year. Applications must be filled out online by midnight on September 30, 2019.