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  • Replacement of projecting wash lighting (WHS PAC)
  • Replacement of Follow Spot lighting (WHS PAC)
  • Replace the aisle lighting throughout concert, lecture and recital halls (WHS PAC)
  • Replacement of wireless microphone system (WHS PAC)
  • Replacement of Dimmer Rack & Modules (WHS PAC)
  • Replace Main Audio Console (WHS PAC)
  • Replacement of Instant Replay System
  • Replace Chairs at Black Box Theatre (WHS)
  • Replace music stands and chairs (WHS PAC)
  • Campus Stage Lighting & Sound System Replacements (ES/MS)
  • Replace/Update Uniforms, Equipment, Etc. (WHS, WRMS, HCMS)

Estimated Total Costs: $2,121,000

  • Campus Intercom/Clock/Notification System Upgrades (ES, MS, HS)
  • 9th Grade Center, Field house Gym (WHS)
  • Cooling Tower Components (BCE)
  • Above Ceiling Units- 100/200/300 Wing/Front Office (WRMS)
  • Heat Recovery Units (CCE)
  • Child Nutrition Main Offices (FTE)
  • Modernize Circulation Desk Areas (BCE, CCE, FTE, VVE)
  • Replace/Update permanent story steps with mobile solution (BCE, BPE, VVE)
  • Increase visibility into student collaborative spaces (BCE, BPE, EE, FTE, VVE, HCMS)
  • Flexible Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (Replace/Update)
  • Lighting System Upgrades (District Wide)
  • Boiler/Water Heater Replacements (Multiple Campuses)
  • Underground utility replacements (EE)
  • Replace Obsolete fixtures (District Wide)
  • Sewer Lift Station Component Replacements (BCE, BPE, WRMS, WHS)
  • CCE
  • Gym/Café (EE)
  • Low Sloped/Valley-Hip Repairs (FTE)
  • Partial (HCMS, WRMS)
  • 9th Grade Center (WHS)
  • Gutter Replacements (Multiple Campuses)

Estimated Total Costs: $1,948,000

  • Implement Emergency Broadcast Notification System (District-wide)
  • LED Emergency visual notification system in large, noisy common areas (ie. Cafeteria, Gym, etc)
  • Upgrades to Area of Rescue Assistance (ARA) Systems
  • Add/Update Security Cameras & Access Control (District-wide)**
  • Update Security Camera Servers (Westlake HS)
  • Senate Bill 507 - Special Education Cameras**
  • Lightning Detection System Upgrades (District-wide)
  • Classroom Door interior locking devices (District-wide)**
  • Replace Two-way Communication Radios for Auxillary Services

**Project will be completed over multiple years

  • Parking Lot Pavement Repairs (Multiple Campuses)
  • Restripe Parking Lot & Curbs (Multiple Campuses)
  • Water Quality Pond Refurbishments
  • Refurbish wood deck at Portables (VVE)
  • Playground Surface Replacement- (FTE)
  • Child Development Center (CDC) Playground Improvements (BCE)
  • Track Surface Replacement (HCMS, WRMS)
  • Track Restripe (WHS)
  • Baseball & Softball Backstop Upgrades (WHS)
  • Baseball & Softball Fence Repairs (WHS)
  • Tennis Court Repairs/Resurfacing (WHS)
  • Elevator Modernizations
  • Motorized Bleacher Component Replacements
  • Replace Art Kilns (Various Campuses)
  • Athletic Locker Refurbishment (WRMS)
  • Gym Sound System Replacements (HCMS, WRMS, WHS Fieldhouse)
  • Replace EOL Lab, classroom, and Office Devices and Accessories
  • Replace EOL student digital learning devices and accessories
  • Replace EOL District Copying/Printing devices & Print Management System
  • Replace/Update Special Education Adaptive Technology 

Location Key

ATS - Adult Transition Services
BCE - Barton Creek Elementary
BPE - Bridge Point Elementary
CCE - Cedar Creek Elementary
EE - Eanes Elementary
ES - All Elementary Schools
FTE - Forest Trail Elementary
MS - All Middle Schools
VVE - Valley View Elementary
HCMS - Hill Country MS
WHS PAC - Performing Arts Center at Westlake High School
WRMS - West Ridge MS
WHS - Westlake HS
DW - District Wide


Los documentos se encuentran disponible en las oficinas del Edificio Central de la Administración del Distrito Escolar de Eanes en Camp Craft Road, número 601, Austin, Texas 78746.  En la red: ( / o al llamar al número de teléfono 512-732-9011.