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Adult Transition Services

Parent & Community Campus Conversations

Remaining Parent & Community Campus Conversations

Join district & campus staff as we share information and engage in open dialogue

* Community members who do not have children in the district or parents preferring an evening option are welcome to attend the Nov. 6th meeting at Valley View Elementary, 1201 South Capital of Texas Highway.

Oct. 5, ATS & WHS, 12pm (Zoom only)
Oct. 18, HCMS, 8:45am (Library)
Oct. 20, CCE, 8:05am (Commons)
Nov. 6, VVE, 6pm (Cafeteria)
Nov. 10, BPE, 9:30am (Library)
Nov. 10, FTE, 12pm (Library)
Nov. 16, BCE, 8am (Art Room)
Dec. 1, EE, 9:30am (Library)
Jan. 19, WRMS, 9am (Library)

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