Eanes ISD

Technology Safeguards

Current Technology Safeguards and Future Improvements or Considerations

What we have always done

  • Blocked the following categories to make student access more difficult: Social Media, pornography, mature, dating, instant messaging, forums, security, weapons, and violence
  • Blocked access to the Apple app store
  • Enforced on-device media content filter to “G” rating
  • Maintained a primary in-district Web filter for grades K-12 and enforce safe search for common internet search engines
  • Emphasized student Responsible Use Guidelines, acknowledged by parents

Plus, what we have recently done

  • Blocked the Google Search images tab for grades K-5
  • Added a second in-district Web filter for grades K-5
  • Disabled Siri suggestions on K-5 student iPads
  • Reinforced expectations for teacher supervision and use of classroom technology
  • Removed K-5 access to video content on YouTube
  • Removed open access to web browsing on K-5 student iPads and only use approved apps and/or instructionally targeted websites

What we want to do

  • Increase transparency of device usage, including a parent view of screen-time metrics and daily iPad use
  • Explore additional Siri voice-activated search restrictions
  • More stringent testing, auditing and monitoring of Web filter security
  • Explore options to restrict 6-12 access to video content on YouTube