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Remote Professional Development

In response to the global concern surrounding the COVID-19, and in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus and safeguard the well-being of our students and staff, Eanes ISD has suspended traditional classroom instruction and has implemented a remote learning plan for students in Grades K-12.  The remote learning plan includes opportunities for teachers and students for engaging in remote professional development.

As we move to a remote learning environment, professional learning support is being provided in "layers."  Because we are all at home, daily living tasks have changed our lives along with moving our professional roles to an online setting.  Trust that we are sensitive to the limitations you may be experiencing and have tried to remove barriers, so that you can access information when you have the opportunity.  We believe the layered approach will allow users to self-select the support resources that best meet their individual needs, grade level requirements and technological needs.  

Remote professional learning is being provided in three layers:

  • Layer 1)  Staff are asked to review tutorials and best practices to refresh their skills (based on grade level needs) with Zoom, Google Classroom, Showbie or Seesaw. 
  • Layer 2)  Staff will have the opportunity to participate in live, hands-on video conferences to practice and experience remote learning.  Sessions will be recorded and posted for future reference.
  • Layer 3)  Staff will have the opportunity to participate in live, hands-on video conferences focusing on instructional strategies, revising curriculum, classroom management and identifying best instructional practices for the remote learning environment.  

The district is providing remote professional development for all staff K-12.  Please review the calendar (located below) for available topics, dates and times.