Eanes ISD

Self-Awareness and Self-Management

EISD has chosen to highlight self-awareness and self-management as our SEL focus for the second nine weeks.

SELF-AWARENESS: Part of being self-aware is knowing one’s own interests, values, and skills. ACT has introduced a new interactive website to support high school students in exploring different career paths and college choices.

The ACT Profile is a free service offered to high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. “The site includes interest inventories, a section for students to search colleges based on their personal criteria … and a place for students to upload their work and establish an electronic portfolio.” There are three different inventory tests available to help students determine their interests, values, and abilities. The ACT profile aligns responses to career choices along with “the education required, salary, and growth” of the specific career.

In order to read more about the ACT Profile, the links below:

SELF-MANAGEMENTParents and staff members had the opportunity to hear Jessica Lahey speak at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. Jessica highlighted three points: autonomy, competence, and connection. As caring supportive parents, we need to encourage our children to be autonomous and independent. Children build competence through practice and experience. Expecting children to contribute to household chores and allowing them to experience failure creates learning opportunities and helps children build autonomy and competence. Loving your child for all their strengths and weaknesses and accepting them for who they are builds connection. Building autonomy, competence, and connection with our kids develops self-reliant, competent and resilient adults.

 “In Praise of Mediocre Kids” is another article that supports Jessica Lahey’s message of building autonomous, independent kids by not “pushing” our kids and trusting they will find their own way.