Eanes ISD

SEL Focus: Resilience Requires Relationships

Second Nine-Weeks Focus: Self-Management/Resiliency

Dr. Leonard emphasized the importance of connecting with our children and talking “about ways to handle stress and to find healthy solutions when faced with adversity.” Self-Management is the ability to adjust and manage one’s behavior. It is an underpinning for resiliency. Self-Management/Resiliency is the Eanes Independent School District focus for the second nine weeks. 

In Dr. Leonard’s messaging, he highlighted our commitment, as parents and educators, to “nurture the ability to focus our attention in our children.” According to the Center on the Developing Child by Harvard University, “resilience requires relationships, not rugged individualism.” The research says, “the capacity to adapt and thrive despite adversity develops through…at least one supportive relationship and multiple opportunities for developing effective coping skills.” Dr. Leonard’s communication is aligned with Harvard University’s findings in “Supportive Relationships and Active Skill-Building Strengthen the Foundations of Resilience.” It is our job as parents, caregivers, and educators to teach our children how to grow and learn from adversity and how to be resilient adults.