Eanes ISD

SEL Focus: Decision making is a skill to teach, practice and develop

Fourth Nine-Weeks Focus: Responsible Decision Making/Choices

Teens, as well as adults, make many decisions throughout a day. Some decisions may be as small as choosing where to sit in class, other decisions may be bigger and directly impact the teen’s wellbeing and/or future plans. Decision making is a skill that can be taught, practiced and developed. According to the article “A Parent’s Guide to Why Teens Make Bad Decisions”, there are “six key steps” parents can do to support their teen in making better decisions. “Present scenarios which may present a risk” to your teen and discuss safe ways to handle the situation. For example, if there is a party where peers are vaping or becoming intoxicated, what would your teen do? Having critical conversations with our teens helps them learn to make good decisions and creates confident emotionally healthy adults.