Eanes ISD

Relationship Skills Tips

An important part of teaching the curriculum in any classroom is having a positive and safe learning environment. Social and emotional learning (SEL) provides the foundation for this environment. EISD has chosen to highlight relationship skills as our SEL focus for the first nine weeks.

As our partners in education, we encourage you to support our efforts in this area. The Parent Toolkit is a resource for parents that was developed by NBC News Education Nation and is supported by Pearson. The Toolkit provides parents a wealth of information, in English and Spanish, on social and emotional development in addition to academics, health & wellness, financial literacy, and college & career.

According to the Parent Toolkit one way to help high school students learn social skills and relationship-building abilities is to teach the “sandwich” technique. “In basic terms, this method involves ‘sandwiching’ the feedback or problem between a compliment and a positive conclusion.” If your teen feels a friend is being rude, teach your teen to start with a positive, share the concern, and end with another positive. For example, “I am glad we are friends, and want to continue to be friends. However, the other day when we were at lunch, you yelled at me and upset me. I really want to continue to be friends so next time, could you just tell me if I’m doing something that bothers you.”